South County Toastmasters Installs New Officers for July 2022 – December 2022 Term

On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, the members of South County Toastmasters installed new officers to the Executive Committee for the July 2022 - December 2022 term. The new officers are shown above from left to right: Jim Salih, Immediate Past President; Bill Collier, Vice President of Public Relations; Tom Krauska, Vice President of Membership; Debbie … Continue reading South County Toastmasters Installs New Officers for July 2022 – December 2022 Term

VP Membership Duties

Name_______________________________________________ Contact Infor________________________________________________________________ Joined__________________________ Mentor____________________________________ Turbobase _______________________ Name Tag _______________________ 📝 Answer all emails /phone calls 📝 Send them club meeting information 📝 Send them Membership Application 📝 Send them Free Book 📝 Call them/talk about their goals 📝 Sign them up for 📝 Send them Ice Breaker Speech. 📝 Send them club roster … Continue reading VP Membership Duties

Timer Zoom Color Backgrounds

As a timer, one way to notify online speakers of their times is to use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. You can download the above backgrounds at this link. Here's a good video of the process. As Timer, you may want to remind online speakers to PIN or move your Timer video to the top left … Continue reading Timer Zoom Color Backgrounds

New Club Officers – January 8, 2020

The members of South County Toastmasters installed new officers during the January 8, 2020 meeting.  As shown in the photo above:  Kathy Denton - VP Education; Susan McConnell - VP Public Relations; Victor Mattison - Secretary; Matt Clark - VP Membership; J.D. Perper - President; Jim Salih - Officer at Large; Patrick Hunt - Treasurer; … Continue reading New Club Officers – January 8, 2020

Past Presidents

South County Toastmasters Presidents 1975  Oct ‑ Dec.......................... Howard Brandt 1976  Jan ‑ Jun............................ Mike Schaeffer 1976  July ‑ Dec..................................... Earl Ray 1977  Jan ‑ Jun .......................... Mike Wiejaczka 1977  Jul ‑ Dec .................................. Don Keller 1978  Jan ‑ Jun ................................... Kay Ensor 1978  Jul ‑ Dec ............................... Diane Reeve 1979  Jan ‑ Jun............................. Tony … Continue reading Past Presidents

New Club Officers Installed 1/3/2018

Officer at Large – Kathy Denton, Sargeant at Arms – Susan McConnell, Treasurer – Rich Puskarich, Secretary – Sean Sheehan, Vice-President Membership – Geoff King, Vice-President Education – Debbie Young, President – Rob VanWinkle and thank you to  Parshu Anantharam, Division A Director of District 8 for performing the installation. Vice-President Public Relations – Jim … Continue reading New Club Officers Installed 1/3/2018

New Club Officers Installed 6/28/2017

Please welcome South County Toastmasters' newest officers. From left to right: Tim Sullivan; VP of Membership, Phil Gawlak; VP Public Relations, Sarah Pitkin; Secretary, Geoff King; Sergeant at Arms, Kate Schafroth; Officer at Large and Kathy Denton; President. James Childress - Standing Division A Director, performed the installation. Not pictured: Victor Mattison; VP of Education … Continue reading New Club Officers Installed 6/28/2017

New Officers Inducted – July 6, 2016

Congratulations to the new South County Toastmasters officers inducted at the July 6, 2016 meeting. Pictured from left to right are: Dave Domian - VP Public Relations, Jeff Jeffers - Officer at Large, Rich Puscharich - Sgt. at Arms, Dean Bone - President. Susan McConnell - Secretary, Tim Sullivan - VP Education, Tom Terrific - … Continue reading New Officers Inducted – July 6, 2016

990-N tax form

Here is information I received from my Treasurer training and also a letter from Toastmasters Int. "Our web feedback team mentioned to me that you needed some assistance with the 990n. Are you looking for information about how to file?  If so please be aware that Toastmasters International files the federal 990n on behalf of all … Continue reading 990-N tax form

New Officers Installed – January 6, 2016

New South County Toastmaster officers were installed on January 6, 2016. Pictured from left to right are: Jim Bubash - Officer at Large, Robert Osborn - Secretary, Jen Wilbers - Treasurer, Jerry Paul - VP Public Relations, Dean Bone - VP of Membership, Susan McConnell - President, and Adam Jackson - VP of Education. Not … Continue reading New Officers Installed – January 6, 2016

Induction of New Members

Script for Inducting New Members Note: Inductions are handled under the New Business section of the Business Meeting. Make sure the Inductee has read and completed the Toastmasters Membership Application, including the Toastmasters Promise. Make sure the dues are paid. Make sure the Inductee has completed the Applicant Data Sheet. Participating Officers: President, VP Membership, … Continue reading Induction of New Members

New officers for the January – June 2015 term

On January 7th, 2015 South County Toastmasters inducted their club’s new officers.  Pictured, from left, are:  Sergeant at Arms – Tim Budd Secretary – Lauren Ritter VP of Public Relations – Vamsi Jammalamadaka VP of Membership – Susan McConnell VP of Education – Dean Bone President – Jim Bubash.  Not pictured are Dick Shields – Treasurer, Dave … Continue reading New officers for the January – June 2015 term

Election Procedures

There are two ways we have done this in the past - the short way and the long way. You will obviously need to change the names of the participants and elected officials. Since the Bylaws mandate a Secret Ballot, you will first have to remove that requirement for all un-contested positions.  NOMINATION PROCEDURE Short … Continue reading Election Procedures

Timer Duties

They should have copies of the above form in the white plastic case.You can also print the Time Keepers Sheet from the SCTMdocs Drive. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Timer Tips One of the main things is to make sure that Tabletopics doesn't last too long. They should be done by 6:40 p.m. or twenty minutes at the max.I … Continue reading Timer Duties

New officers for the July – December 2014 term

The South County Toastmasters recently installed new officers. Pictured, from left, are: Sergeant at Arms - Jack Carter,Treasurer – Susan McConnell, Secretary - Robert Osborn II, VP of Public Relations - James Bubash, VP of Membership - Carol Lindwedel, VP of Education - Brent Stewart, President - Steve Winheim and Area Governor - Rob Van Winkle.  Not pictured is Officer at Large -  … Continue reading New officers for the July – December 2014 term

New Officer Installation

New officers were installed on January 15th, 2014 by Lora Mather  DTM,  The District Governor of District 8 Toastmasters. (far right) From left to right, the new officers are: President - Matt Ramshaw VP Education - Jerry Paul VP Membership - Carol Lindwedel VP Public Relations - Jeff Hall Secretary - Steve Bettag Sgt. at Arms … Continue reading New Officer Installation

Officer Election Script

This the script that our Parliamentarian Carl H. has put together for the election of officers. Notes from Carl:  First, it is recommended that officers be elected in descending order, from President on down.  Gina and I did not do this because of the contest for President and which required a secret ballot.  In the … Continue reading Officer Election Script

President’s Meeting Script

Presidential Script Check to see if the Secretary is in attendance - do we need a replacement? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you ______________________________ fellow TM’s and guests. Our Invocation and pledge of allegiance will be led by:________________________________________ 30 second monologue. (Express humor, a story, enthusiasm - start the meeting off on the right tone.) I’d like to … Continue reading President’s Meeting Script

Officer Induction – 06/26/2013

Suzanne Lee, our new Area 4 Governor, did a fine job of installing South County Toastmasters' new slate of officers.  From left to right:  Matt Ramshaw - Treasurer; Carl Hendrickson - Officer at Large; Carmen Wilkinson - VP of Public Relations; Suzanne Lee - Area 4 Governor; Gina Willard - President; Shreya Gopal - Secretary; Jim Bubash - Sargent of … Continue reading Officer Induction – 06/26/2013

How to Fill out the Toastmaster Membership Application

How to Fill out the Toastmaster Membership Application Every member, not just club officers, should be aware of how to fill out the Toastmaster application. Everyone should know how to add new members to your club by knowing how to process new member applications. Use only one method of submission — mail, fax or online … Continue reading How to Fill out the Toastmaster Membership Application

Treasurer – Best Practices

New Member Signup List Collect dues and application sheet. Add the new member to Sign them up on the Toastmasters Int. website. Deposit Dues in USBank account Here is how to add a new member to Watch the Turbobase video just to become familiar in general with Turbobase. Specifically - how to … Continue reading Treasurer – Best Practices

Monthly Scheduling by the VP of Education

Monthly_Scheduling Document(click here to download) Send out a notice two weeks ahead of time asking members to contact you if they have a scheduling problem for the coming month. The sheet above is the one I suggest that the VP of Education use to schedule people in the club.Every person gets their own  page in … Continue reading Monthly Scheduling by the VP of Education

New Officers Installed – July 2010

From Left to Right Treasurer            Joseph Archambault VP PR                      Laura Zemann VP Membership Diane Fawcett VPE                          Barbara Sapienzia President              Kevin Reichardt Secretary              Petrina Monti Not Pictured: Sgt At Arms        Paul Ferguson Officer at Large  Michael Marian

Officer Search Committee – June 2010

Here are the recommendations of the Officer Search Committee. If you're interested in any of the offices, you may be nominated from the floor when elections are held. President               Kevin Reichardt VPE                          Barbara Sapienzia VP Membership Diane Fawcett VP PR                      Laura Zemann Secretary              Petrina Monti Treasurer             Joseph Archambault Sgt At Arms         Paul Ferguson Officer at … Continue reading Officer Search Committee – June 2010

When You’re the Toastmaster

Before the Meeting The Toastmaster job is usually reserved for members who have done all the other meeting roles. The VP of Education should only assign members who are qualified and ready for this position. As soon as you find out that you are assigned the job of Toastmaster, put it in your calendar so … Continue reading When You’re the Toastmaster

New Officers – January 2010

South County Toastmasters Past President Rich Ullrich passes gavel to newly installed President, Alan Kirby. (foreground left to right)  Other Officers also installed to serve through June 2010, as pictured (left to right):  Joe Archambault, Sergeant at Arms;  Erin Gissel, Vice President of Membership;  Kevin Wilson, Officer at Large;  Kevin Reichardt, Vice President Education;  Adam … Continue reading New Officers – January 2010