Secretary Duties – How To

If you are filling in as Secretary, here’s a How-To for the meeting.

  • Use a Text-Editor like Notepad. Don’t use Microsoft Word. You can find Notepad under Accessories in Windows. All we need is plain text – not fancy formatting.
  • Bring the Meeting Minutes Form with you to the meeting and just fill-in the blanks as the meeting progresses. (Note – you can do this on a laptop as the meeting progresses.)
  • When you get home, type up your notes using the form below.
  • If motions are made and passed, get a written copy of the motion to put into the minutes.  Also encourage other members who have complicated information in the business meeting to give you a written copy of that information.
  • When you are done typing up the minutes, go to and Login.
  • Click on Members and then Send an Email to Members
  • Copy the text from Notepad and then Paste it into the Turbobase email.
  • Turbobase is the preferred way to send emails as it has the current membership list and emails.
  • If you can’t attend a meeting, put out a request for a fill-in for that night.
  • NOTE – the webmaster will copy the minutes and put them on our website for archival purposes.






Use the form below to help you with keeping notes.

Meeting Minutes Form

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957

Meeting Date: ________________
Called to order at: ____________ Location: ____________________
Presiding officer: _________________________
Invocator: _________________________________
Officers’ Reports


Committee Reports:


Unfinished Business:


New Business:


Correspondence & Announcements:


Toastmaster: ____________
Theme _________

Grammarian: ________________
Word: __________

Time Keeper:______________________________
Vote Counter: _____________________________
Ah Counter: ______________________________
Camera Op: ___________________________
Table Topics: _________________________
Speakers and Evaluators

Speaker 1_______________________________
Evaluator 1:_____________________________
Speaker 2:______________________________
Evaluator 2:____________________________
Speaker 3:______________________________
Evaluator 3:____________________________
Speaker 4:______________________________
Evaluator 4:____________________________
General Eval: __________________________
Joke Master: __________________________

Most Improved: ________________
Best Table Topics: ____________________
Best Evaluator: ________________
Best Speaker_________________________
Meeting Rating ______ Meeting adjourned at____________
Minutes submitted by ___________________________________________

Guests: ____________________________ ___________________________________

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