Monthly Scheduling by the VP of Education

Monthly_Scheduling Document(click here to download)

  1. Send out a notice two weeks ahead of time asking members to contact you if they have a scheduling problem for the coming month.
  2. The sheet above is the one I suggest that the VP of Education use to schedule people in the club.Every person gets their own  page in a 3-ring binder. Fill it in with their name, where they are in their CC manual and how ofter they want to speak. New people should be scheduled as often as possible. Older members may only want to speak 3 times a year. Note that our club has 40+ members, so our scheduling may work out a bit different than yours.
  3. Start assigning speaking jobs alphabetically. Go through the binder from front to back and as you assign a person a speaking job, write the date down on their sheet and then fill it in on your monthly schedule.  The speaking jobs are the most important that’s why I do those first.
  4. When you are done with the speaking jobs start with the other jobs on the monthly schedule. Go through the binder where you ended with the speakers and start assigning jobs to the members – again write down the date when they are scheduled.
  5. Note – there is an exception to the above. If one member only wants to speak three times a year and you’re going through assigning speakers, give him/her another job to fulfill.
  6. Try and rotate the jobs around so that one person doesn’t get the same job over and over. If you look at their scheduling sheet, it will be obvious what jobs they have done in the past and when.
  7. When you are done scheduling, note the ending page in the binder with a postit note – that will be your starting point for the next month.
  8. In our club, we also have an award for completing every job. It’s called the “Full-Circle” award.
  9. I’d suggest having the schedule in one place. The easiest place to do that is create a MS Word document and the copy and paste it into our Ezine. From there it is easy to make changes to schedule if needed.

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