Treasurer Duties

New Member Signup List

  • Your main goal is to add new members within 24 to 48 hours.
  • If you can’t make a meeting, have someone take your place. I prefer someone who lives close to me so they can drop off the check and paper work. They could also mail you the check and application.
  • Another thing they can do is take a picture of the application and send it to you.
  • Collect dues and application sheet and bring them home.
  • Type their information into Notepad to copy and paste.
  • Add the new member to – Last Name, First Name
  • Sign them up on the Toastmasters Int. website. You will use the club debit card.
  • Note – the above takes about 30 minutes
  • Deposit Dues in the USBank account

Here is how to add a new member to

Watch the Turbobase video just to become familiar in general with Turbobase.

Login to Members – click on this.

Add a new member – click on this.

There are a few things to do when you fill out the form.

Name – it goes Lastname, Firstname

Fill-in all the other information you have from their application.

Active – click on this box. Add a New Member – click on this box.

Note – you cannot DELETE a member. You will usually change them to inActive status Inactive means two different things in the club. 1. In Turbobase they are listed as Inactive when they no longer pay their dues. This Inactive list is a good list of past members. 2. Inactive also means that some members have asked to not be scheduled for a time period – usually 4 weeks or more. They are still listed as Active in Turbobase as they have paid their dues.

How to Add a New Member to Toastmasters Int.

  • Login – you will have to setup an account if you have not done this in the past.
  • Leadership Central
  • Club Central
  • South County Toastmasters Club – 00001957
  • Submit membership application(s) – new/dual/reinstate. Most people are New.
  • Yes Proceed
  • Type in their name
  • Yes – create new member
  • Follow the prompts and fill in all the needed information
  • Pay for the new member with the club debit card.
  • Print Receipt for the new member and put it in the yearly receipts folder
  • Record the charge in the checkbook
  • Record the charge in the online spreadsheet.
  • Put the member application in the folder.
  • Add new member and mentor to the Mentor List online.

Note – if you have a question or a problem about a member, please call Toastmasters Int. and ask for Membership. They are very good about helping you.

Reinstate Past Members

  • If they have changed their postal address, you will have to call TI and give them the new address before you sign them up again.
  • They don’t need to be voted in again, just fill out the member application with new contact information. We usually don’t charge them the new member fee unless they need a new club manual and/or a new name tag.
  • Never send debit card or bank account information via email. Email is usually insecure. If the Toastmaster Int. site is down, it’s better to use the U.S. mail to send in new member applications.
  • The bank does not send out paper monthly statements. You will need to setup and account with them.
  • Get the login information from the previous Treasurer. It is in a gmail account.
  • Write down receipts and expenses in the checkbook
  • Have receipts for all expenditures. Keep them in check number order.
  • Create a detailed log of all expenditures and money collected. Indicate what each expenditure is for and if money is collected who it is from.
  • Use the bank debit card for new member applications.
  • Submit new member applications to T.I. within 48 hours.
  • Read Treasurer Training book and go to District Training.
  • Don’t send in member dues until they actually give you the dues.
  • Keep detailed records for all expenses and receipts.
  • You don’t need to fill out Form 990n
  • —————————————————–

Turbobase Notes
Note – when a person leaves the club, you can just un-click the Active box. We will then keep their contact information, but it wont’ show up with the Active members.
You cannot delete a person, once they have been added.
In general, you wouldn’t want to do this since we want to keep their contact information.
The person who has setup this program has never changed a thing over the last ten years that we have been using it. We have to accept it and work with it as best we can.
I would recommend in general that you be the one who would enters this information since you are normally the one taking it home from a meeting.


Filling in for VP of Membership

When you’re at the meeting and the VP of Membership is not there, I’d be prepared to fill-in and take on those duties. All you need to do is under New Business say, ” Mr/Madam President we have membership application for (say their name). After the president does their part, then you just read the application.


Here are some notes on the Treasurer duties.

  • Emphasize to new members that when they join, they will still have to pay the 6 month October and April dues – $51.00
  • When you go to the bank with the new Treasurer, you will need a copy of the minutes showing you being elected as the new Treasurer.
  • Feb. 15 – start send out notices for dues which you have to turn in by April 1st.
  • I also printed out a copy of the dues notice and gave them to each Toastmaster at the club meetings. This seems to help.
  • It will take 7 to 10 business days for you to get the bank debit card, so you can’t add members until you get the card.
  • Have an audit done of the books before you take over or as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your books match with the checking account balance.
  • Check the member list at Toastmasters Int. against the list. We had one person who was not listed on the TI site.
  • Members will have to pay club dues via cash or check.
  • Cost of badges – $5.00 if a member needs a replacement.


Dues Questions

Can I receive a discount for having dual or multiple memberships? Can I purchase a lifetime membership?

Toastmasters International does not offer discounts for having dual or multiple memberships or provide lifetime memberships to individuals because the costs to the organization are the same regardless of how many memberships you may hold.

1. Tell people that the dues should be in to you by Sept. 24th.

2. You need to get them in to TI at the latest by October 1st. I’d try to get them in sooner since the website gets swamped and you may have trouble if you wait until the last day.

3. Everyone pays $51. If someone joins on September 24th and pays the September dues, they would still owe the $51. I’d encourage them to pay the October dues and have them join as of October 1st, then this won’t be a problem.

4. I printed out dues notices and handed them out to every Toastmaster at the meetings. Some people don’t look at their email.

5. Some people will give you cash, so I put their money in an envelope with their name on it.

6. You will need to deposit the money every week or two so that when you pay with the debit card you have enough money.

Budget Items to Consider

  • Ballot and Evaluation paper – $60/year
  • Printing for above – $150 at OfficeMax or zero if members do this.
  • Trophies – free from Bill C.
  • Badges for new members – $5/member approx $100/year
  • BBQ – $120/year
  • Holiday Party – $200/year.

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