VP Membership Duties

Name_______________________________________________ Contact Infor________________________________________________________________ Joined__________________________ Mentor____________________________________ Turbobase _______________________ Name Tag _______________________ ๐Ÿ“ Answer all emails /phone calls ๐Ÿ“ Send them club meeting information ๐Ÿ“ Send them Membership Application ๐Ÿ“ Send them Free Book ๐Ÿ“ Call them/talk about their goals ๐Ÿ“ Sign them up for WordPress.com ๐Ÿ“ Send them Ice Breaker Speech. ๐Ÿ“ Send them club roster … Continue reading VP Membership Duties

Two Awards – One Night

Patrick Hunt - Club President Congratulations to Patrick Hunt, club president, for receiving an award as the Area 4 Director, District 8. The award reads, "For Dedicated Service and Outstanding Leadership in Achieving Select Distinguished Area," 2020 - 2021. On behalf of the club, Patrick also received the "President's Distinguished Club," award for 2020 - … Continue reading Two Awards – One Night

Timer Zoom Color Backgrounds

As a timer, one way to notify online speakers of their times is to use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. You can download the above backgrounds at this link. Here's a good video of the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_8U_mYQKnk As Timer, you may want to remind online speakers to PIN or move your Timer video to the top left … Continue reading Timer Zoom Color Backgrounds

Pathways Catalog – 13 Paths

When your first join Toastmasters, you are presented with thirteen different paths that you can choose from. For brand new Toastmasters, Presentation Mastery is the path which is most like the old book-based Toastmaster program. Older Toastmasters may prefer one of the other twelve paths rather than repeat what they have done in the past. … Continue reading Pathways Catalog – 13 Paths

Free Path until March 31, 2021

Richard E. Peck2020-2021 International PresidentToastmasters International Oct. 22, 2020 Finally, as a token of our appreciation during this difficult time, any Toastmaster who renews their membership for the October renewal period by December 31 will automatically receive a free Pathways path! Please visit your Toastmasters profile, click the โ€œChoose A Pathโ€ button, and follow the normal path … Continue reading Free Path until March 31, 2021