Vice-President of Public Relations

One of the luxuries that we have in our particular club is that we don’t have to go out and recruit new members – they come to us. We usually run between 40 and 50 members and don’t have any trouble acquiring new members.

The VP-PR should become an Editor on our website so that they can publish pictures and articles. This is how we reach most visitors when they do a web search for “Toastmasters.” Tom can set you up as an Editor and show you the basics.

The main duty of the VP-PR is to recognize club members for their achievements. If a member is standing at the lectern during the business meeting, that’s a clue that you need to get your camera out and take a picture to publish. That also means that you need to attend almost all the meetings and if you can’t, have someone to fill-in for you.

Use a camera that will get the job done.
I used to bring a compact camera to the meeting to take pictures, but now many phones have a camera which will take fairly good to excellent pictures.  Practice with your camera at the meeting location and see what it is capable of. I usually take three pictures with my phone camera since the pictures are of marginal quality. If you own a DSLR, I would suggest using that for a new officers picture, since it can be a challenge to get a good picture. Watch the video below on taking good pictures.

Have a stretch goal.
If you do the above, you will do fine as the VP-PR, but you may want to try and get the club  or Toastmasters recognized in a magazine, radio, TV or web video.

Here are some times to take pictures.

  • New Members with their mentors – website
  • New Officers – newspapers and website
  • Awarding of CC, CL etc. – website.
  • Parties – website

Below is a video on taking good pictures.



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