Club Manual

Welcome to South County Toastmasters! Congratulations on your decision to join one of the world’s leading Toastmasters Clubs! South County Toastmasters has been recognized repeatedly as one of the organization’s best clubs by Toastmasters International. Our members have won numerous area, division and district speech contests. You will find that South County Toastmasters are friendly … Continue reading Club Manual

GE Meeting Rating Criteria

Thanks to Sarah Pitkin for creating this suggested scale. Criteria Description Rating scale Rating Meeting Preparedness Were scheduling conflicts resolved in a timely manner? 0 – 0.5 Was there a theme for the meeting and was it communicated to the club effectively? 0 - 0.25 Overall Meeting Did the meeting start on time? (7 pm) … Continue reading GE Meeting Rating Criteria

Officer Installation Script

Thanks to Adam Kutell for putting this together. Script for Installation of Club Officers [Prior to the meeting, find out if the club has officers’ pins to present.]   District Officer: Will the outgoing officers please stand? On behalf of Toastmasters International and District 8, I thank all of you for your accomplishments and salute … Continue reading Officer Installation Script

Non Profit Status Letter

If you want to save money on taxes for things that the club needs, here is the information from Toastmasters International. "Toastmasters International and its subordinate clubs are considered to be 501(c)(3) nonprofits per the United States Internal Revenue Code." Click on this link to find the letter and print it to use when … Continue reading Non Profit Status Letter

990-N tax form

Here is information I received from my Treasurer training and also a letter from Toastmasters Int. "Our web feedback team mentioned to me that you needed some assistance with the 990n. Are you looking for information about how to file?  If so please be aware that Toastmasters International files the federal 990n on behalf of all … Continue reading 990-N tax form

Induction of New Members

Script for Inducting New Members Note: Inductions are handled under the New Business section of the Business Meeting. Make sure the Inductee has read and completed the Toastmasters Membership Application, including the Toastmasters Promise. Make sure the dues are paid. Make sure the Inductee has completed the Applicant Data Sheet. Participating Officers: President, VP Membership, … Continue reading Induction of New Members

Election Procedures

There are two ways we have done this in the past - the short way and the long way. You will obviously need to change the names of the participants and elected officials. Since the Bylaws mandate a Secret Ballot, you will first have to remove that requirement for all un-contested positions.  NOMINATION PROCEDURE Short … Continue reading Election Procedures

Timer Duties

They should have copies of the above form in the white plastic case.You can also print the Time Keepers Sheet from the SCTMdocs Drive. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Timer Tips One of the main things is to make sure that Tabletopics doesn't last too long. They should be done by 6:40 p.m. or twenty minutes at the max.I … Continue reading Timer Duties

Officer Election Script

This the script that our Parliamentarian Carl H. has put together for the election of officers. Notes from Carl:  First, it is recommended that officers be elected in descending order, from President on down.  Gina and I did not do this because of the contest for President and which required a secret ballot.  In the … Continue reading Officer Election Script

President’s Meeting Script

Presidential Script Check to see if the Secretary is in attendance - do we need a replacement? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you ______________________________ fellow TM’s and guests. Our Invocation and pledge of allegiance will be led by:________________________________________ 30 second monologue. (Express humor, a story, enthusiasm - start the meeting off on the right tone.) I’d like to … Continue reading President’s Meeting Script

Meeting Forms

Below is a list of forms that we use in the club. Agenda-Speech Contest 2014 (docx) Agenda-TT-Humorous-Speech-Contest-2008(doc) Ballot and Evaluation Form  doc-download Instruction-for-ordering-replacement-Ballot-and-Evaluation-Forms Best Evaluator Award Certificate  doc-download Best Speaker Award Certificate  doc-download Best Table Topic Award Certificate  doc-download Club and Officer Information Form - sent to TI with the new club officer list. Contest … Continue reading Meeting Forms

Contest Materials and Other Content are Now Online

Toastmaster International has posted the contest materials to download online for Toastmaster members. You will have to login, put these materials in a cart, and then download each item. Thanks to Steve F for this tip. You can find them at: The Successful Club Series The Successful Club Series joins the digital speech contest … Continue reading Contest Materials and Other Content are Now Online