Pathways Catalog – 13 Paths

When your first join Toastmasters, you are presented with thirteen different paths that you can choose from. For brand new Toastmasters, Presentation Mastery is the path which is most like the old book-based Toastmaster program. Older Toastmasters may prefer one of the other twelve paths rather than repeat what they have done in the past. … Continue reading Pathways Catalog – 13 Paths

Pathways Training Night a Success

South County Toastmasters hosted a Pathways training meeting, Wednesday, May 29th.  Members brought their laptops to follow along.  The attendees included nine members enrolled in Pathways and six members not enrolled. Tom Terrific kicked off the session with twelve tips on getting started and navigating Base Camp.  He provided information on obtaining your password, allowing … Continue reading Pathways Training Night a Success

Toastmasters Adds New Engaging Humor Path

Pathways is the new Toastmasters education program that rolled out in our District just a year ago this month.  The program was originally made up of ten educational paths you can follow.  This month, Toastmasters has added an eleventh path, Engaging Humor.  If you have been holding off on joining Pathways and you enjoy making … Continue reading Toastmasters Adds New Engaging Humor Path

Two Reasons Every Toastmaster Should Sign Up for Pathways

# 1 An opportunity to leave feedback for members Base Camp allows you to send feedback to a member enrolled in Pathways at any time. Of course, you can leave handwritten feedback during club meetings on the small evaluation slips. There are times you may be fulfilling a role during the meeting and don't have … Continue reading Two Reasons Every Toastmaster Should Sign Up for Pathways

Pathways: Completing Your Ice Breaker

You've selected your path and you've completed your ice breaker.  What's next?  Before you can move on there is a required step and some optional steps. Required:  Perform a post assessment.  If you re-launch your project, one of the last slides should prompt you to take a quick self-assessment of your skills.  It is the … Continue reading Pathways: Completing Your Ice Breaker

Introduction To Pathways

Wednesday evening, Joe McChesney and Teri O'Brien provided our club with an introduction to Pathways, Toastmaster's new education program. Following are a few of the highlights: Members will have 2+ years to continue working on the existing educational program (CC, ACB, ACS, ACG, CL, ALB, ALS, DTM) until it is terminated. Pathways is made up of … Continue reading Introduction To Pathways

Why You Should Log into the Toastmasters International Website

The Toastmaster website is a wealth of information.  A lot of the information can be found without ever logging into your account, including the ability to find all the advance communicator manuals Toastmaster publishes. Why would I want to log in? To check dates that you earned awards To check dates that you served as … Continue reading Why You Should Log into the Toastmasters International Website

Free Training Materials

Toastmasters International has posted some of their training materials as free downloads. All you have to do is login and download the materials. Here are the listed programs. As I find more materials I will post them here also. The Better Speaker Series - all sections Beginning Your Speech Concluding Your Speech Controlling Your Fear … Continue reading Free Training Materials