New Members – Tech Tips

Once you are accepted into the club as a member, you will have to wait a week or so to do a lot of things online until the Treasurer signs you up at Toastmasters and Turbobase. I’ll explain that later.

Step 1 – Put Zoom Meetings on Calendar

Step 1 – The first thing I’d suggest is that you open your calendar and put the Zoom meeting link into your calendar program. This way you will have the link ready for each meeting. If you are scheduled for a job, you can also enter it in the calendar.

Step 2 – Subscribe to Website

You can then go to the club website and Subscribe to the website postings. It’s at the bottom left on the website. Look for the box which says, “Enter your email address.” You will have to respond to a confirmation email, but then you will be getting all of the club website postings.

Step 3 – Ice Breaker and Free Book

Step 3 – Next, take a look at your first speech – your Ice Breaker.
Here is the link. for the Ice Breaker Project.

Free Download

Here is the link for the free book – Scared Speechless.

Step 4 – Navigator

Step 4 – Download and read the “Navigator.” It has a lot of basic information on Toastmasters and the educational program they call “Pathways.”

Pathways Reference Guide Link

Step 5 – – contacts and schedules

Step 5 – After a week, sign in to with your name and password. Turbobase will email you a password, so check your email to find the password. If you don’t know your password, click on Forgot Password, fill out the form and they will send you a new password. Check your contact information and make sure it is correct. You can modify/correct your own contact information.


Use a Password Manager to keep track of all your passwords.
I’ve got 152 different passwords. It is impossible to remember them, so I use a Password Manager to remember them for me. I use LastPass, but there are a number of them you can use. Even the Chrome browser has a Password Manager feature.

Step 7 – and Pathways

Rather than reinvent the wheel, below is a pretty good video on how to use Pathways.

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