Two Reasons Every Toastmaster Should Sign Up for Pathways

# 1 An opportunity to leave feedback for members

Base Camp allows you to send feedback to a member enrolled in Pathways at any time. Of course, you can leave handwritten feedback during club meetings on the small evaluation slips. There are times you may be fulfilling a role during the meeting and don’t have a chance to fill out an evaluation note or you think of some additional comments you would like to share the next day or later in the week.  You can add a note or comment anytime in Base Camp and all the comments are in one area for the member to read. It gives the member an opportunity to review them over and over again and track their improvement. If a member did something especially well, you can even award them an electronic badge!

#2 A great variety of projects

One of the best components of Pathways are the projects.  They help develop the skills modern day leaders need, whether at work or in a volunteer organization.  Following is a very short list of some of the unique projects offered:

  • Create a Podcast
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Leading in Your Volunteer Organization
  • Manage Online Meetings
  • Moderate a Panel Discussion
  • Reaching Consensus
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Write a Compelling Blog

Take the online assessment to see which path might be best for you.  As always, if you need any assistance, see your Vice President of Education.

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