Pathways Training

Pathways is the new educational program that Toastmasters International is starting.

After you join, you will need to wait until the Treasurer signs you up at Toastmasters International.

Read These First

There are two books/pdfs that you ought to look at first before you start your journey. The Navigator is like a New Member handbook and has lots of basic information about Toastmasters and Pathways. The Pathways Catalog shows all the different path options and what the requirements are for each. You can find these two pdfs from this page.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you can Login at the Toastmasters International website.  If you have never done this, use your Toastmaster email address that TI has. If you have changed your email on Turbobase, don’t use that. You want to use the email address that you used when you first joined Toastmasters.


If you forgot your password or this is the first time logging into the TI website, click on the Forgot Password link. It will send a new password to your email address. 

When you first sign-in to Toastmasters and then start the online Pathways program, you will be given two choices. You can choose either the digital/online option or a printed option which means they will send you printed manuals.

Printed manuals are available in some cases, but will cost $25.00.
This may be easier to use if you are not a computer lover.

Here are the manuals which are available in print.

  • Presentation Mastery
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Team Collaboration

You only have 30 days to change your mind after you choose the digital option and then later want to go to the printed manual option. You may have to call Toastmasters International to let them know that you have changed your mind.

Speechcraft – if you are going through the Speechcraft program, do not signup for Pathways until you finish the Speechcraft program.

Club members on the traditional program still have approximately  two years to earn any awards on the old system. The old system will end around June 2020. If you are working toward the DTM award and don’t finish it within the time period, you will have to start from scratch in the new Pathways program.

  • New members – when they pay their dues, it includes:
  • First digital path free.
  • Online copy of The Navigator (a how-to-start guide that replaces the new member kit)
  • They do not receive any printed manuals unless they want to pay for them.

Ice Breaker Notes

  • The popup screen sometimes hides behind your main browser screen.
  • The popup screen also has to be enlarged to see everything.
  • You have 13 steps to go through to finish the Ice Breaker Project.
  • At the Drop Down Menu at the center bottom – Choose – Your Evaluation
  • This gives you an option to print a PDF of the entire project.
  • You do have to fill out the Assessment of your skills – do the Before and After. This is how they know you have finished the project. Click on the Submit button and they will mark the project as completed. See below video.

Technical Computer Skills You Will Have To Learn.

  • Login into and setup a password. Choose Forgot Password
  • White List Toastmasters on Popups Allowed – Click on Lock icon and allow Popups.
  • Chrome popup management.
  • Popups may be behind your main screen. Resize screens to find the popup.
  • Learn how to print your evaluation forms for the evaluators.
  • Learn how to resize the popup and find the popup when it disappears. – Popups are usually not full screen and some of the information is hidden. Enlarge the screen area so you can see everything.
  • Learn how to use Basecamp online.

Pathways Computer Challenges

  • What Path to Choose?
  • Online or Printed Manual?
  • How to Login?
  • Popup on
  • Popup on Pathways?
  • Popup Hiding
  • Enlarge the Popup
  • Popup – arrow at bottom.
  • Print Project/Evaluation
  • Move the Popup to the main bar.
  • Complete a Project
  • Pathways labels don’t work.

Printing Your Evaluation

You do need to printed a printed copy of your evaluation for every speech that you give. You can get to your evaluation online in a number of different ways.

  • This link will take you to ALL the different evaluations. If you know the name of the project, you can find the evaluation. You will need to signin to first.
  • Go to the bottom center of your project and click on the down arrow. This will open up a large blue box. Choose the “Your Evaluation” Line. You can then choose the Evaluation Resource which is the evaluation for your project.

Here is a video of the steps above.

Saving Evaluations

  • 1. Save the paper evaluation in a folder in your Toastmaster Bag.
  • 2. Take a picture of the evaluation with your phone and keep it in a Evaluations Album in
  • Scan the evaluation or take a picture of it and keep it on your computer.
  • Put the picture of your evaluation onto the E-Portfolio area of Pathways. Below is a video of the process.

After Pathways
You may wonder what your next goal will be after finishing your first path. The answer is that you can either choose a new path or redo the path you just finished. If you are interested in earning the DTM award, you must complete two unique learning paths.

There is an evaluation for every type of speech in Pathways. It was suggested that each member print a generic evaluation and keep it on hand in the event they forget to pull the specific evaluation down for their type of speech. Using the evaluation geared towards a particular type of speech is ideal, however. You can find all the evaluations here.

Club Pathways Videos

Good video on the entire process of completing a project.

Navigating through a Pathways Project

Accessing Your Evaluation Resource in Pathways

Track Your Meeting Roles in Pathways

Post Feedback for a Member in Pathways

Other Videos

Information from Toastmasters International

Additional Information

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