Pathways Q&A

Q:  Do I get credit for meeting roles in Pathways?

A:  Yes, for some of the roles. You are required to complete, Table Topicsmaster, Evaluator and Toastmaster to complete level three of your path. Keep in mind, every meeting roles serves an important function in executing a successful Toastmaster meeting!

Q:  How do I get credit for the meeting roles I serve while in Pathways?

A:  Log into Base Camp, and go to “My Account.” There is a place to record the most recent time you have completed the following roles: Ah-Counter, General Evaluator, Grammarian, Speech Evaluator, Timer, Toastmaster and Table Topicsmaster. See the Base Camp Job Role Quick Reference for step by step instructions.

Q:  Where can I store my evaluations and project documentation?

A:  Base Camp has six folders that you can upload your documentation. See the Uploading Documents to Base Camp Quick Reference for step by step instructions.


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