Pathways: Completing Your Ice Breaker

You’ve selected your path and you’ve completed your ice breaker.  What’s next?  Before you can move on there is a required step and some optional steps.

Required:  Perform a post assessment.  If you re-launch your project, one of the last slides should prompt you to take a quick self-assessment of your skills.  It is the same questions you answered at the start of the project.


After completion, you will be given a side by side comparison to gage your level of improvement.


After exiting the project you should now see that the project is marked complete, and the remaining projects in Level 1 are available.


Optional:  Consider uploading your evaluation to your e-Portfolio in Base Camp or leaving feedback for your mentor or a club member who helped you through your first speech.  If you can’t find someone on Base Camp it is most likely because they have not yet enrolled in Pathways.

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