New Member Welcome

Vic M. has put together a one sheet handout for new members during their induction. Vic has the original and you can get a copy by sending him an email.


We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to join our South County Toastmasters club.

South County Toastmasters (Club #1957) was formed in 1975 and is repeatedly recognized as one of the best clubs in the world by Toastmasters International. Our members have won numerous area, division and district speech contests. You will find that South County Toastmasters are friendly men and women from a wide range of occupations who are committed to improving their own communication and leadership skills but are equally interested in helping others.

Our club meets every Wednesday beginning promptly at 7:00 PM and end just as promptly at 9:00 PM. All meetings are at the MetLife Building, 13045 Tesson Ferry Road, St. Louis, MO 63128.

We’ve assigned you a mentor (see other side) and prepared this guide to help you become oriented with our club and with the global Toastmasters organization.   This will help you become familiar with the tremendous resources that are available to you as a member. 

We will help you achieve your communication and leadership goals. The Toastmasters way is to “Learn by Doing.” By participating in club meetings, we improve our listening, thinking and speaking skills, while building self-confidence. You will receive the benefits of being a Toastmaster only if you participate fully in meetings. “Learn by doing” means that we strive to do our best at every meeting.

Welcome from Toastmasters’ International President –

Of course, if you prefer to receive some of this in a printed format we’re happy to try to accommodate that preference.  Just let your mentor know.

Page 2

This page, including active links to each listed resource is available at –

Your Mentor/Coach will be ____________________________; email – _______________________________; phone – ________________________ (cell/text).  He or she has been chosen to help and encourage you as you begin your Toastmasters journey. Your Mentor will contact you within the next week to become introduced, learn more about you and your goals and help get you acclimated and introduced to other club members. He or she will help you know how to get involved, help with your first few speeches and be a great support for you.   Please make regular use of this great resource.

South County Toastmasters – this is a tremendous trove of information and descriptions about all aspects of the club, speech preparation, planning and delivery and much more.   Please check it out. – this the club’s online member directory and meeting schedule.  You can see future meetings, assignments and access a full membership directory.  Very useful. You’ll get a login and password to access this. Check with your Mentor if you have not received it.

District 8 – We’re part of a district that spans much of Missouri and southern Illinois.  Lots of great information on the District 8 & Facebook Page – 

Toastmasters International

South County Toastmasters Benefits and

Club Meeting Agenda – a sample of a weekly meeting agenda which will help you know what to expect at a meeting.   Many meetings will carry a “theme” which is tied to a particular season, date or news event. Each meeting is a little different but will follow this same general outline –

Club Member’s Manual – there is a great deal of additional information available via our club’s online member’s manual –  You can view it online or you may print a copy in PDF format via a link at the top of the online manual

Pathways – this is the primary communication and leadership development platform.  It’s brand new and it’s really exciting and, once you’re up and running, easy to use. Meet with your Mentor during your first week or two to get this process going –

Toastmasters Magazine – you’ll soon begin to receive The Toastmaster, a monthly magazine providing more information on becoming a better speaker and communicator. Each issue will include great ideas and suggestions.

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