Zoom – Pin Options

Pinning a speaker, selects that person for you personally. It does not have any effect for other people in the meeting. Pinning is probably the preferred way to select a person since it only shows up on your computer.

In person meeting leaders at Sunset Hills can PIN the current on location speaker so that they are shown on the projector screen. This is much less distracting than showing someone else while the speaker is at the lectern.

If you are speaking via Zoom, either as a Speaker or a Tabletopics contestant, you have a number of options.

  1. You can Pin yourself as the speaker so you can see yourself. You then will need to adjust the view of the other participants so that you have a clear view of the Timer. There is an arrow which will allow you to change the view of the members. According to the video below, if the Timer speaks just before the presentation, they will show up in the gallery at the top.
  2. You can choose Gallery View so that you can see your entire audience. The timer will then show up with the different colors.
  3. Your last option is to Pin the Timer so that he/she is centered on your screen and you can easily see how much time you have.

There is no right or wrong in these choices…it’s up to you and what you prefer.

Spotlight by the Zoom Leader should probably not be used as it forces EVERYONE to see the same screen and doesn’t allow pinning by other participants.

Below is a video about one way to have a Zoom Timer.

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