Ballot and Evaluation Forms

One option for Ballot and Evaluation Forms is to order them from Toastmasters International.  As you can see below, the cost for 2500 ballots is $75.50.


The larger ballots that we have been using for the last two years were setup and arranged by Jim Bubash. He got the perforated forms from Last order was placed on Nov 14, 2013 for 2500 sheets The customer ID was 219403 and Order Number was 9608831. Total charge was $128.04.
Be sure to ask for the non-profit origination discount.

The company that Jim bought the printing from is out of business. They only charged $50.00 which is probably why they are out of business.

Other Printing Options

  • Office Max – $150.00 for 25oo sheets – we provide the paper.
  • Members print the forms on their own computers – no cost.

You can find the MS-Word file used for the above at this location.



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