Using a Power Point File on the Club’s Projector

If you use your own computer to create a Power Point file, just move your Power Point file onto a thumb drive and we’ll copy it over to the clubs computer. It’s usually easier to run the file directly from the laptop. Make sure the file has a .pptx format. If it’s just pictures, then that will work fine. If you want to use audio/video, it gets more complicated. You will then have to add the audio and video files to a folder which also has your .pptx file. You can also bring your own USB speakers if you want add audio to play loud enough for the audience.

You can use your own computer, but our projector is only capable of taking a VGA signal, so if you only have HDMI output, that won’t work unless you have an adapter. I prefer to present from my own computer as I know it works and has a larger screen.

The most important thing is come to the meeting early so we can make sure everything is working and you can familiarize yourself with our remote. The remote is easy to use, but there is a control on the side which turns it on and off, so make sure it is turned on.

Ideally, you want to have your program ready to go when you are introduced. I would suggest that after the previous speaker is done and the members are writing evaluations, that you walk up to the projector and make sure your program is ready to go.

Another tip is to be ready to give your presentation without Power Point. There are almost always tech problems and you need to be able to speak when and if the tech doesn’t work. I like to send the presentation to my phone as a PDF so I have that as an option. You can also print out the slides with notes to use.

If you don’t have Power Point on your computer, you can create a slide program using Google Slides. When you are done creating the program, download and save the file in the .pptx format. Again, put it on a thumb drive.

Mac users may have problems as their file formats may not be readable by our computer. Again, you can use your own computer, but you will need an adapter for our projector.

When you are done with your presentation and if the next speaker is not using the projector, you can click on the AV-Mute button to turn off the screen, so it is not a distraction for the upcoming speaker.

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