Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Forum is a civic service project of South County Toastmasters designed to provide civic, religious and other community organizations with information on a number of topics of general interest to the public.

To schedule a speaker call at least two weeks in advance.  Due to the demand for speakers, please indicate at least three topics in order of preference and The Speakers Forum will try to accommodate your request. There is no fee but a donation toward general club funds would be appreciated.

Please note that the speakers will present ideas and opinions that are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Toastmasters International or South County Toastmasters.

Contact: Tom Terrific at 314-827-6114 to schedule a speaker.


SMOKE SIGNALS; Read Them, Use Them in Order to Buy Your Next Car by George Kiser

Based on his own book, SMOKE SIGNALS, George introduces four of the unwritten rules of negotiation that can help anyone buy that new car, home or win that business contract.


Veterans:  “More Than Just a Name” by Alan Kirby

The speaker chose one soldier who fought and died for his country in World War II.  From his extensive research he brings an interesting and inspirational story to all students of history.


“Children’s Online and Privacy Protection”  by Kathy Denton

Topics to include: threats, preventions, monitoring, incident response and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).