Meeting Minutes – December 20, 2017

7:00 - meeting called to order by Brent Stewart

Kathy Denton pres

business meeting

guests  Louis Van Winkle - Rob's dad.  first meeting
Nancy Cross - invited by Patricia

minutes of previous meeting - any other changes.  minutes accepted as sent

Officer reports none
commitee reports - Jim Bubash - Christmas party - 61.23 cost to club.  Requested funds from treasurer.  Already approved

no other committee reports

unfinished business - Goeff King and Max Kaiser judged the St. Louis urban debate contest at Pattonville hs

no new business

corresp and announcements - officers, please get dist 8 schedule for training sessions if you've not attended training yet

January has 5 weeks.  Nomination for theme was speech marathon and it was seconded.  Unanimously approved

business meeting concluded

toastmaster - Brent Stewart - member since october 1983 - 34 years

Brent got no certificate for training he recently attended.
This will be his last tm meeting until end of busy season until April 25th

theme for meeting - changes - big change in tax law
Sat Jan 20 - Brent will give speech on tax code changes at a Concord church. He'll send email to remind us closer to this date

Word for the evening:  Elucidate - use of word of the evening - 
tm //
grammarian //
ah counter /
camera operator /
vote counter /
table topics ////
speeches /
evaluators ///
general evaluator //
17 total uses

Max Kaiser - Twas the Night Before Christmas
Mark Esswein - The Gift that Keeps Giving
Mary K. Spencer - Pennys from Heaven
Rob Van winkle - Discovering Your Gifts

Stacy Duncan - 
Carl Hendrickson - 
Debbie Young - 
Jim Salih - 

Best table topics - Carl Hendrickson
best evaluator - Jim Salih
most improved - Mary K. Spencer
best speaker - Rob Van Winkle

General Evaluator - 9.3

Attendees:  1 Jim Bubash, 2 George Kiser, 3 Max Kaiser, 4 Rob Van Winkle, 5 Rich Puskarich, 6 Mary K. Spencer, 7 Judy Sowers, 8 Kathy Denton, 9 James Graves,
10 Stacy Duncan, 11 Mark Esswein, 12 Jim Salih, 13 Carl Hendrickson, 14 Howard Brandt, 15 Jerry Paul, 16 Brent Stewart, 17 Debbie Young, 18 Sean Sheehan,
19 Dave Domian

Meeting adjourned at 9:03

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