Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2017

Meeting Date:       December 6, 2017            

Meeting Type/Theme:      Regular Meeting – Theme: Year in Review

Meeting Location:            Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:            Kathy Denton

Acting Secretary:             Kate Schafroth

Officers’ Reports:            None

Committee Reports:       None

Unfinished Business:   

  • No meeting last time due to Tall Tales Contest
  • We were reminded of the officer elections, decided to vote and elect this meeting
  • Voted to dispense with secret ballots for electing new officers without contested positions
  • Read positions of officers with no contested nominees
    • Sargent at Arms – Susan McConnell
    • Officer at Large – Kathy Denton
    • Secretary – Sean Sheehan
    • Treasurer – Rich P
    • VP Public Relations – Jim Bubash
    • VP Education – Debbie Young
    • VP Membership – Geoff King
  • Voted to elect above officers to the non-contested positions, above officers were elected
  • Victor Mattison was nominated for President
  • Rob Van Winkle was nominated for President
  • Rob spoke first for position and Vic spoke second, each given 2 minutes to speak
  • After secret ballot with a quorum, Rob Van Winkle was elected next term President
  • Max Kiser and Geoff King were judges for Webster University Contest, took 1st and 2nd place for each
  • Bill Collier – sent an email for toy drive for Cardinal Glennon, still taking toys for donations.  He would like someone to please collect donated toys at our Christmas party, he will donate the items on the 15th.  Anything is accepted and welcome, looking for toys that are new and unwrapped.  Please see Bill’s earlier email for more details
  • Kate Schafroth – Sent around food sign up sheet, reminded everyone to please sign up if they are planning to bring something to share
  • Adam Kutel – Announced that Rob Van Winkle won Presidency
  • Jim Bubash – Christmas party is coming soon, he will send out invitations to old members and asked if anyone has emails f previous members or for mentors or anyone else they would like to have an invitation sent to.  Looking for new potential members al always, and the space we have can be expanded to accommodate more people.  
  • Susan McConnell – reiterated that all family members are welcome to the Christmas party too

New Business:

  • Adam Kutel – Jack or someone can install new officers, asked who would be a good candidate for this.  Kathy suggested we get the division director, Geoff King will find out


  • Max Kiser – Floyd Dunlap, a TM in our club for 7 years, passed away recently.  His funeral service was Thursday Nov. 7th at 10am at the Mass of Assumption Church in Sunset Hills, MO.  He was the Police Chief of Sunset Hills, MO.  
  • Adam Kutel – Adam is in a second TM club, also having a Christmas Party on the 19th at 6:30pm at the Sports café in Bridgeton.  It’s a Tuesday night, invited everyone to come.  This club is more of competitive speakers with a different structure, invited everyone to come and bring guests.  
  • Tim Sullivan – With mixed emotions announced that he is leaving the club at the end of this year. Very happy to have been with us, but he is getting a new position in a new area and will join another TM club within the St Louis area.  
  • Our Club Christmas party will be held next Wednesday, December 13 – there will be no meeting
    • Pavilion at Lemay
    • 6 – 9 pm
    • Please bring a dish to share and your drink of choice

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Rich P
Invocator / CLE:
Grammarian: Victor Mattison – “incredulous” used 8 times
Time Keeper: Kate Schafroth
Vote Counter: Kathy Denton
Ah Counter: Stacey Duncan 12-13 Ahs counted
Camera Operator: Tom Terrific
Table Topics: Steve Winheim
General Evaluator: Adam Kutel
Joke Master: Mark Esswein

Speakers and Evaluators:

  Speakers Evaluators
1 Carl Hendrickson   Brent Stewart
2 Alan Kirby Bill Collier
3 Sean Sheehan Debbie Young
4 Tim Sullivan George Kiser


Most Improved:   Sean Sheehan
Best Table Topics: Brent Stewart
Best Evaluator: Bill Collier
Best Speaker: Carl Hendrickson

Meeting Rating:                  9.3

Meeting Adjourned:         9:03pm

Members Present:

Bettag, Jack
Bone, Dean
Brandt, Howard
Brown, Gary
Bubash, James
Carrillo, Susan
Clark, Eric
Coco, Nicholas
Collier, Bill
Cripps, Grace
Denton, Kathy
Domian, Dave
Duncan, Stacy
Esswein, Mark
Foster, Ginny
Gawlak, Phil
Graves, James
Haparimwi, Nancy
Hatten, Kyle
Hendrickson, Carl X
Jennings, Sera
Kaiser Jr, Max
King, Geoff
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Kutell, Adam
Mattison, Victor
McConnell, Susan
Mestdagh, Laurie
Palusci, Joumana
Paul, Jerry
Pitkin, Sarah
Puskarich, Rich
Salih, Jim
Schafroth, Kate
Sheehan, Sean
Schaper, Jim
Shields, Dick
Sowers, Judy
Spencer, Mary K
Stewart, Brent
Sullivan, Tim
Terrific, Tom
VanWinkle, Robert
Willard, Gina
Winheim, Steve
Young, Debbie

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