Meeting Minutes – June 29, 2016

Meeting Date: June 29, 2016______
Called to order at: ___7 p.m._________ Location: Met Life____________________
Presiding Officer: ____Jim Bubash_____________________
Invocator/CLE: __Dave Domian_____
Officers’ Reports
Committee Reports

Unfinished Business:

Steve Bettag presented the slate of new officers that were voted on and elected.
Dean Bone – President
Tim Sullivan – VP of Ed
Tim Budd – VP of Membership
Dave Domian – VP of PR
Susan McConnell – Secretary
Rich Puskarich – Sgt at Arms
Tom Terrific – Treasurer
Jeff Jeffers – Officer at Large

Dave Domian reported on the success of the club BBQ.
He requested $80 for food expenses, the motion was approved.
New Business

Correspondence & Announcements

Tonight we had a Story Telling Contest.

Contestmaster: Dave Domian____________
Time Keeper:__Tim Sullivan and Jack Bettag__
Vote Counters: __Kate Schafroth and Misti Duffy
Camera Op: Tim Budd___________________________

Spkr 1:_Brent Stewart__________________
Spkr 2:_Kathy Denton__________________
Spkr 3:_Jerry Paul_______________
Spkr 4:_Jim Bubash__________________
Spkr 5: Carl Hendrickson
First Place: Carl Hendrickson
Second Place: Jim Bubash

Guest – Debbie Young.

Meeting adjourned at_8:35 p.m.__________
Minutes submitted by __Tom Terrific______________________


Guests: Debbie Young

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