Meeting Minutes October 6, 2010

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957

Meeting Date: Oct. 6, 2010_ Called to order at: _7:00______ Location: Met Life bldg. 107-c__
Presiding officer: Kevin Reichardt___________        Toastmaster: Jack Bettag______
Time Keeper: Marsha Duvall______                              Camera Op: Kathy Denton_________
Ah Counter: Adam Kutell      ______________              Table Topics: Howard Brandt _________
Vote Counter: Robert VanWinkle___________              Joke Master: Brendt Stewart___________
Grammarian: Erin Gissel__________________              General Eval: Joe Archambault_________
Invocator: Jack Bettag____________________              Greeter:  Sue Dickemper _____________
Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)
Joe Archambault, Treasurer says he is done with dues renewals and expresses his thanks for making his job easier. We lost 6 members, 1 stated that he was too overwhelmed early on.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Committee Reports:
Howard Brandt reports that 35 people are signed up for the 35th Anniversary Dinner, 2 besides him are charter members and 10 are past presidents.  We are looking forward to having a great time.
Old Business:
New Business:
VP Membership, Diane Fawcett presented Dan Royder’s application for membership. A vote was taken and passed unanimously.  Dan will be installed at the next meeting and matched with a mentor.
Correspondence & Announcements:
Becka Clark, Area Governor, attending for her formal Fall visit, congratulated us on our thirty five year anniversary and said it was a pleasure to be here with us as Toastmasters.
Petrina Monti will be giving a speech open to the public, at the St.Louis Lodge, on Oct. 21st at 7:15, titled, “Health-
The Rosicrucian Perspective”.
Nilsa Scott is back home.  We are sending her our best for a speedy recovery.
The evening’s word was “Kismet”________________________________________________

Guests: Area Gov.  Becka Clark, Bob Gergen, Gerry Airsman, Ahjay, Enira Tercalo, Shirley Tanner, Gary Rickert, Dan Royder

Joe Archambault
Charles Benn
Jack Bettag
Howard Brandt
Bill Collier
Kathy Denton
Sue Dickemper
Marsha Duvall
Diane Fawcett
Paul Ferguson
Erin Gissel
Carl Hendrickson
Alan Kirby
George Kiser
Joanne Korba
Adam Kutell
Dee McAliney
Mike Marian
Petrina Monti
Kevin Reichardt
Barb Sapienza
Dick Shields
Brent Stewart
Rich Ullrich
Mark Vance
Rob Van Winkle
Gina Willard
Kevin Wilson

Speakers and Evaluators

Speaker 1:    Dee McAliney____________        Evaluator 1: Dick Shields_______________
Speaker 2:    George Kiser ______________        Evaluator 2: Mark Vance_______________
Speaker 3:    Paul Ferguson_____________        Evaluator 3: Bill Collier_____________
Speaker 4:    Alan Kirby________________        Evaluator 4: Gina Willard_______________
Speaker 5:    __________________________        Evaluator 5: _________________________
Most Improved:     Paul Ferguson ____________      Best Table: Topics: Rich Ullrich_________
Best Evaluator:    Mark Vance ____________                Best Speaker George: Kiser____________
The General Evaluator rated the meeting an 8.75          Meeting adjourned at 8:59_______________

Minutes submitted by, Petrina Monti, Secretary.

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