Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters – December 9, 2020

Meeting Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Called to order at:  6:00PM

Location: Sunset Hills Community Center

Presiding Officer: Jerry Paul

Greeter: Patrick Hunt

Invocator/CLE: Keith Page

Officers’ Reports

President – Jerry Paul asked if there were any changes to the minutes. Susan McConnell had two corrections. After the two corrections are made the minutes from 12/02 will be reposted to WordPress. 

VPE – Kat Higashino

Keith Page has completed Level One: Presentation Mastery in Pathways

VPM – Brent Stewart 

VP-PR – Patrick Hunt

PR and Membership worked together for an email campaign to the chamber of commerce. Some people replied, hopefully new members will join.

Area meeting January 7th – come to speak or watch, we would also like volunteers for roles.

Secretary – Kathy Denton

Treasurer – Kim Bond

Sergeant at Arms – Jim Salih

Officer at Large – Susan McConnell

Committee Reports

Bill collier: second week as officer nomination committee – composed of Kathy Denton, Jim Salih and Bill Collier

Required to present a slate of proposed officers two times. This will be the second time.

Proposed officers for Spring, 2021:

President: Kat Higashino

VPE: Patrick Hunt

Secretary: Callie Koehr

Treasurer: Prathyush Viswaroopan

VPM: Kim Bond

VPPR: Sandy Roll

Sergeant at Arms: Keith Page

Officer at Large: Jerry Paul

Immediate Past President: Jerry Paul

Unfinished Business:

We have met the obligation of presenting the slate two meetings prior to voting. We will vote next week.

New Business: 

Jerry Paul: 

Officer installation – first week of January.

We will invite the new slate of officers to the Executive Committee Meeting where we will transfer information over to the new officers. 

After we vote, we will hold a Zoom meeting to transition the new slated officers.

Jerry Paul said, “As president in the first week of January, I can do whatever action I need to take and then we can induct the new officers in January.” 

Correspondence & Announcements


Toastmaster: Kim Bond

Theme: Childhood Christmas Memories

Grammarian: Sean Sheehan 

The word of the evening is: Nostalgic 

The word was used 10 times.

Time Keeper: Patrick Hunt

Vote Counter: Prathyush Viswaroopan (PV)

Ah Counter: Susan McConnell

Ahs and ums were used 15 times altogether, 3 times during table topics and 12 times during prepared speeches.

Camera Op: Brent Stewart 

Table Topics: Jim Salih

Speakers and Evaluators

Spkr 1: Elisa Wong 

Title: Powerful Applications of the Pareto Principle

Evaluator 1: Debbie Young

Spkr 2: Callie Koehr

Title: Why Are More Women Teachers and Men Engineers?

Evaluator 2: JD Perper 

Spkr 3: Jerry Paul

Title: We All Need Critical Thinking 101

Evaluator 3: Sandy Roll

Gen Eval: Vic Mattison

Joke Master: George Kiser


Most Improved: Callie Koehr

Best Table Topics: Debbie Young

Best Evaluator: Sandy Roll

Best Speaker: Jerry Paul

Kat Higashino: Patrick Hunt will be Toastmaster next week. The January schedule will be sent out shortly, either tonight or early tomorrow. Responses are needed by next Monday, December 14th. Try to express what role you want along with your Pathway progress. New members should be encouraged to take on roles.

Meeting Rating: 9.6     Meeting adjourned at:   7:55PM

Minutes submitted by: Callie Koehr

Guests: Abby and Ashley

@Zoom: Kat, Callie Koehr, Rob Van Winkle, Keith Page, Seah Sheehan, PV, Elisa Wong, Sandy Roll, Kim Bond, Liz De Camp, Jim Salih, Bill Collier, Nancy Alba 

@Sunset: Jerry Paul, Brent Stewart, Susan McConnell, Howard Brandt, Victor Mattison, JD Perper, Patrick Hunt, Debbie Young, and guests, Abby & Ashley

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