Audio for Your Video

microphone-600If you want good audio in your video, the rule is the closer the better.
If you double the distance between the speaker and the recorder, then the audio will only be 1/4 the volume.

What brought this to mind is that we have visited this same problem many years ago in the same room.

If you setup the video camera or phone camera in the back of the room, the audio volume will be very low.


  1. What we have done in the past is to move a table for the video camera closer to the speaker and centered it in the room.
  2. You can also try recording from a side table which will bring you closer to the speaker, but the video will only be a side view.
  3. Another option is to try and use the wireless microphone that the club has. I would get there early and test this out. It uses batteries which may or may not be good.
  4. If you use the microphone, this will also increase the audio volume and will help. If you hold the microphone in your hand, close to your mouth, you will get even better audio volume.
  5. A final option is for the speaker to use a small pocket recorder to record the audio. This involves video editing and more technical expertise.

Obviously, if you don’t care about the audio, then any location will be fine.
If you do want good volume, then you will have to choose one of the above options.

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