Meeting Minutes – November 5, 2014

Everyone was greeted warmly by Carol Lindwedell
Robb Osborn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
Adam Kutell gave the invocation.

President, Steve Winheim inducted new member Caleb Harley and Robb Osborn agreed to a mentor’s role.

Adam Kutell made a motion about the pricing changes for the district meeting and the club agreed to pay $45 to allow unlimited admittance from the club.

Previous minutes amended to show Adam Kutell had proposed merging the Invocator/CLE roles and that the motion was voted on and approved by membership.

Toastmaster          Jim Ruzicka (Theme:  National Doughnut day)
Grammarian           Erin Gissel (trouble)
Ah Counter           Steve Bettag
Timer                Robb Osborn
Vote Counter         Judy Sowers
CLE                  Erin Gissel
Table Topics master  Jerry Paul
General Evaluator    Dick Shields
Jokemaster           Hunter

Speakers:  Susan Carillo, Susan McConnell, Seth Lindsey, Howard Brandt

Evaluators:  Jack Bettag, Ginny Foster, Brent Stewart, Tim Budd

Best Table Topics———–Erin Gissel
Best Speaker—————-Seth Lindsey
Best Evaluator————–Brent Stewart
Most Improved—————Susan McConnell

Adjourned 9:00pm

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