Meeting Minutes, November 16, 2022

South County Toastmasters Club 1957

Meeting Type/Theme:  General

Meeting Location:  Sunset Hills Community Center and Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Debbie Young

President Debbie Young asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the minutes from the November 9, 2022, meeting.  The minutes were approved as posted.

Officer Reports:

President: Debbie Young. 

  1. Debbie presented a report regarding the status of SCTM towards achieving the President’s Distinguished Award.  Currently SCTM has completed 3 of 9 requirements.  Two of the categories are regarding the educational requirements and one of the categories is regarding the membership dues.  In the near future, the new officers will complete the officer training for next term.  This will complete another requirement towards the President’s Distinguished Club.  Our Club is in a good position to achieve this award again.
  2. The Area Speech Contest will be held on February 11, 2023.  The contest for our Club will need to be scheduled prior to February 11, 2023.  Details regarding this contest will be determined at the next meeting.
  3. Toastmasters International (TMI) has changed the logon to access Basecamp on the website.  Debbie demonstrated the new steps on how to access Basecamp.  TMI provided a video explaining the new process to access Basecamp.  The video is available here:
  4. Debbie reported there is a new feature on the SCTM website.  On the Member Resources page, there is a new category titled “Club Documents.”  This is a collection of forms and documents frequently used by all Club members. New versions of the documents will be loaded onto this page so all members will be able to easily access the most updated forms and information.  Debbie will send each Club member an email with a link to access this page.
  5. Debbie reminded the Club members about the issues with using Turbobase to send emails to members scheduled for meeting roles.  She suggested the following: a)When the meeting schedules are emailed to everyone by the VPE, check the schedule for your name, date and the scheduled role.  Make a note on your calendars as to when you are assigned and to what role; b) When you are scheduled as the Toastmaster or General Evaluator, use your personal email, rather than Turbobase, to send an email to the members assigned to a role.  This way, all members assigned to a role will receive the information, including the members with gmail accounts; c) The IT Committee is still working on replacing Turbobase with a more reliable system.  This will be announced when completed.

VPE: Callie Koehr.  No report.

VPM: Jim Salih.  No report.

VPPR: Bill Collier.  No report.

Treasurer:  Brent Stewart.  Brent reported the total funds in the SCTM account were $2,435.20 as of November 16, 2022.

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Rob Van Winkle.  No report.


Julie Zeitler, chairman of the Christmas Party, gave a report

The two options for the Christmas party are:  having a Christmas themed meeting on December 14, 2022, with members bringing food and snacks for a potluck.  OR having a Christmas party at Bill Collier’ house on December 21, 2022.

After some discussion, Jim Salih made the following motion:  To cancel the December 14, 2022, SCTM meeting and have the Club Christmas party at Bill Collier’s house on that same night.  The motion was seconded by J.D. Perper.  The motion passed.  Julie Zeitler will finalize the details with the Christmas Party Committee and will provide more information at the next meeting.

Bill Collier, chairman of the Public Relations (PR) Committee

Bill reported the PR Committee will be looking for new members beginning next term, in January.  The leaders of this committee are the VP Public Relations and VP Membership.  The Committee meets once a month for one hour.  Please contact Bill if interested in serving on this Committee.

Steve Winheim, member of the Nominating Committee

Steve reported the Nominating Committee is still looking for members to fill the VP Public Relations and the Club Secretary positions for next term.  Please contact Rob Van Winkle, Steve Winheim or Debbie Young if you are interested in serving in these positions for next term.

Unfinished Business:  None

New Businesss:  None

Correspondence and Announcements: None

Business Meeting Adjourned 6:20 pm


ToastmasterJ.D. Perper
Table Topics MasterBrian Berman
General EvaluatorBill Collier
GrammarianBrent Stewart
TimerMelissa Baldwin
Speaker 1Liz DeCamp
Speaker 2George Kiser
Speaker 3Suzanne Janick
Evaluator 1Callie Koehr
Evaluator 2Alan Kirby
Evaluator 3Charles Giamarino
Invocator/JokemasterPatrick Hunt
Vote CounterSusan McConnell
AH CounterPatrick Hunt


Best Table Topics Julie Zeitler
Best Evaluator Alan Kirby
Best SpeakerSuzanne Janick
Most Improved Charles Giamarino

Word of the Day:  Hot, used 11 times

Ah Counter Report:  10 uses of crutch words                                                                       

Meeting Adjourned: 7:50 pm


  • Sunset Hills Community Center:  Nancy Alba; Bill Collier; Charles Giamarino; Patrick Hunt; Suzanne Janick; Callie Koehr; George Kiser; Susan McConnell; J.D. Perper; Jim Salih; Brent Stewart; Steve Winheim; Debbie Young; Julie Zeitler
  • Zoom:  Melissa Baldwin; Brian Berman; Liz DeCamp; Alan Kirby
  • Visitors:  Jackie Compton; Gina Willard

Total Member Attendance 18 out of 29

StreakAttendance (5 or more in a row):
67Debbie Young
8Steve Winheim

Submitted by Susan McConnell, Secretary

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