Meeting Minutes, November 9, 2022

South County Toastmasters Club 1957

Meeting Type/Theme:  Winners and Losers

Meeting Location:  Sunset Hills Community Center and Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Debbie Young

President Debbie Young asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the minutes from the last 2 meetings, October 26, 2022 and November 2, 2022.  The minutes were approved as posted.

Officer Reports:

President: Debbie Young. 

  1. Julie Zeitler has volunteered to organize the holiday party.  Anyone interested in participating please contact Julie or Debbie Young.  The committee will be meeting very soon to discuss details.
  2. There will be a meeting of the Executive Committee next Monday, November 14, 2022, at 6:00 PM.  Debbie will send a reminder email with the Zoom link.
  3. The Club will be conducting a speech contest early next year in the end of January or beginning of February.  In order to compete, members will need to be a DTM or have completed Level 1 of a Pathways program.  Any member who is interested in competing but has not completed Level 1 in a Pathways program, please see Debbie Young to discuss a plan to complete the requirements to compete in the contest.  In order to conduct the contest, the Club will also need a Contest Chairman, Contest Master and a Chief Judge to run the contest.  We will also need members to fill minor roles for the contest, such as vote counters and timers.  Please contact Debbie Young if you are interested in participating in the contest.

VPE: Callie Koehr.  No report.

VPM: Jim Salih.  Jim will be ordering name tags, from the TMI website, for all the new members and any current members who are interested.

VPPR: Bill Collier.  No report.

Treasurer:  Brent Stewart.  No report.

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Rob Van Winkle.  No report.


Rob Van Winkle, chairman of the Nominating Committee, gave a report.  Nominations for most of the officer positions for next term have been completed.  The Committee is still looking for members to fill the VP of Public Relations and Secretary positions.  Anyone interested in filling these roles, please contact Rob Van Winkle, Debbie Young or Steve Winheim.

Unfinished Business:  None

New Businesss:  None

Correspondence and Announcements:

Sean Sheehan announced that former member and Sean’s mentee, Bob Mahacek, ran for House of Representatives, District 92 in the last election.  According to the unofficial results, Bob received 49% of the votes and lost by less than 350 votes.  He ran against an incumbent who received 51% of the votes.  Sean was certain that Bob applied the skills he gained in Toastmasters to organize a productive campaign.  Sean will keep the club informed if Bob runs for office again.

Susan McConnell announced, in following up from the Halloween Open House Meeting, she has Smarties candy to share with the Club members.

Business Meeting Adjourned 6:15 pm


ToastmasterSteve Winheim
Table Topics MasterJulie Zeitler
General EvaluatorKathy Denton
GrammarianKathy Denton
TimerDebbie Young
Speaker 1Alan Kirby
Speaker 2Brian Berman
Speaker 3Charles Giamarino
Evaluator 1Steve Burchett
Evaluator 2J.D. Perper
Evaluator 3Brent Stewart
Invocator/JokemasterGeorge Kiser
Vote CounterMelissa Baldwin
AH CounterRob Van Winkle


Best Table Topics Brent Stewart
Best Evaluator Brent Stewart
Most Improved Brian Berman

Word of the Day:  Prognosticator, used 5 times

Ah Counter Report:  28 uses of crutch words

Meeting Adjourned:7:50 pm


  • Sunset Hills Community Center:  Nancy Alba; Steve Burchett;  Kathy Denton;  Charles Giamarino; Suzanne Janick; George Kiser;  Susan McConnell; Jim Salih; Brent Stewart; Rob Van Winkle; Steve Winheim; Debbie Young; Julie Zeitler
  • Zoom:  Melissa Baldwin; Brian Berman; Alan Kirby; J.D. Perper; Sean Sheehan
  • Visitors:  Carl Hendrickson; Samira Mujdzic

Total Member Attendance 17 out of 29

StreakAttendance (5 or more in a row):
67Debbie Young
7Steve Winheim
9Rob Van Winkle

Submitted by Susan McConnell, Secretary

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