Meeting Minutes March 9, 2022

South County Toastmasters Club 1957

Meeting Type/Theme:  Travel

Meeting Location:  Sunset Hills Community Center and Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Jim Salih

Word of the Night:  Moue

President Jim Salih asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the meeting minutes of March 2, 2022.  J.D. Perper made a motion to accept the minutes.  Liz DeCamp seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as posted.

Officers Reports:

President: Jim Salih:

  1. The dues for club membership should be sent to Tom Krauska by March 23, 2022.  Please send a check for $76.00 made out to South County Toastmasters.  Tom’s address is: 9016 Robyn Rd., Crestwood, MO 63126.  No electronic payments can be accepted at this time.
  2. The Webster/Kirkwood Times will be publishing a revised version of the article submitted by Jim Salih a few weeks ago.  It should be published sometime this week.  Jim will share the article when it is published.  He may contact the South County Call to request a similar article be published in “The Call” paper.
  3. Jim Salih and Debbie Young are updating the website.  This should be done within the next few weeks.
  4. Jim Salih presented the following revision to the bylaws regarding the terms of service for the role of club president:

“Starting July 1, 2022, The President shall be eligible to run and serve as President for two successive six-month terms after which there must be a break in service of one full six-month term before running again. Serving a partial term of 3-months or less does not count as one of the two successive terms. The other officers can run an unlimited amount of successive terms.”

Steve Burchett read the revision to the club members and presented a motion to accept the change.  J.D. Perper seconded the motion.  During discussion, there was a question about a quorum. Jim Salih stated that according to the bylaws, revisions can approved by two-thirds of the members present at a meeting.  The revision was unanimously approved.

5. There have been issues with gmail accounts being rejected in the Turbobase system.  Jim will contact Tom Terrific to address the problem.  According to Victor Mattison, there were updates done last week to most of the browsers, which may be causing this problem. 

6. During the beginning and end of the meetings Jim will strive to acknowledge people who would like to speak.  This will avoid people in the room and people on Zoom speaking at the same time.  This will give everyone a chance to provide comments or to ask questions before the meeting ends.

VPE: Liz DeCamp.  Congratulations to Jim Salih for completing the Pathways Presentation Mastery program.

VPM: Sandy Roll.  No report.

VPPR: Bill Collier.  No report

TMI Coordinator/Liaison:  Debbie Young.  The District 8 speech contests will be held the weekend of April 23, 2022.  Educational sessions will be offered over the weekend.  Registration will open in the near future.  On Friday, April 22, 2022 there will be a virtual trivia night to raise money for the two prison Toastmasters clubs.  Half of the proceeds will be donated to help support the dues for the prisoners and the other half will go to the winners of the trivia night.  The members of the prison Toastmasters clubs are responsible for their own dues.  This fund raiser will help support the prisoners participation in Toastmasters.

Speakers Bureau Coordinator:  Kathy Denton.   No report

Secretary: Susan McConnell. No report.

Sgt at Arms: Bill Day.  No report.

Old Business: No report.

New Business:  No report.

Committee Reports:  No report.

Correspondence and Announcements:

  1. Jim Salih announced that Patrick Hunt is looking for a pattern speaker for the Division F contest on March 26, 2022 at 9:30 AM.  Please contact Patrick if you are available to assist.
  2. J.D. Perper plays in a small band.  This group will be performing on April 25, 2022 at J.D.’s apartment complex.  If any club members are interested, J.D. will send an email with more details.

Business Meeting Adjourned 6:15 pm


ToastmasterSteve Winheim
Table Topics MasterSteve Burchett
General EvaluatorJeff Hoehn
GrammarianVictor Mattison
TimerCallie Koehr
Speaker 1Adam Fox
Speaker 2J.D. Perper
Evaluator 1Liz DeCamp
Evaluator 2Susan McConnell
Invocator & JokemasterBill Day
Vote CounterDebbie Young
AH CounterLiz DeCamp


Best Table TopicsVictor Mattison
Best SpeakerAdam Fox
Best EvaluatorSusan McConnell
Most ImprovedAdam Fox

Ah Counter’s Report:  4-5 uses of “ums” or “ahs”

Grammarian’s Report:  3 uses of the word “Moue”

Meeting Adjourned: 7:40 pm


  • Sunset Hills Community Center:  Jim Salih; J.D. Perper; Bill Day; Debbie Young; Steve Burchett; Susan McConnell; Adam Fox; Steve Winheim; Rob Van Winkle; Victor Mattison; Jeff Hoehn
  • Zoom:  Liz DeCamp; Nancy Alba; George Kaiser; Callie Koehr
  • Visitors at Sunset Hills Community Center:  Julie Zeitler; Charles Giamarino

Total Member Attendance 15 out of 29

StreakAttendance (5 or more in a row):
45J.D. Perper
33Debbie Young
28Jim Salih
17Susan McConnell

Submitted by Susan McConnell, Secretary

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