Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – January 15, 2020

Meeting Minutes, South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date: January 15, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme: Regular Meeting – Theme:  Optimism
Meeting Location: Metropolitan Life Building
Called to Order: 7:00 PM
Presiding Officer:  JD Perper, President
Submitted By: Victor Mattison, Secretary

Officers’ Reports:       

President’s Report:

  • The JeffCo Challlengers club speech contest is being held next week and they need judges and other contest roles filled.  Please see Jim Bubash if you can help
  • There is a new club opening at Moneta Group in Clayton and an email went out asking for volunteers for a demo meeting on Thursday, January 16.  Victor Mattison agreed to serve as General Evaluator for that meeting.
  • A new committee is being formed to make signs for our new location.  Bill Collier will be asked to serve on this committee given his company’s expertise in signage.

Committee Reports:

  • Kathy Denton lead a discussion about our club speaking contest.  It was agreed this would be held on the 1st Wednesday of February, February 5.  The contest will include both Humorous Speaking and International (which means it’s a general speech, not required to be of any particular type or style).   Find here a copy of the 2019-20 Speech Contest Rulebook 

 Unfinished Business:     

  • Minutes from last week’s meeting had not been posted so they will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting

 New Business:   None

 Announcements:  None

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Debbie Young
Table Topics: Sean Sheehan
General Evaluator:  Sandy Roll
Grammarian: Matt Clark  
Time Keeper: JD Perper
Camera Operator:   Donald Coupe
Invocator / CLE: Donald Coupe
Joke Master:  Jim Bubash
Hot Seat: Donald Coupe
Greeter: Krista Butler
Vote Counter: Kathy Denton
Ah Counter:   Kim Bond

Word of the Day:  Cosmeticize, used 3 times

Speakers and Evaluators:

Speakers Evaluators
1 Jerry Paul Rich Puskarich
2 Rob Van Winkle Patrick Hunt
3 Victor Mattison Jeannie Spurgeon
4 Jim Salih Krista Butler


Most Improved: Jeannie Spurgeon
Best Table Topics: Matt Clark
Best Evaluator: Patrick Hunt
Best Speaker Rob Van Winkle

Meeting Rating:                            9.7                                                                                            

 Meeting Adjourned:                  9:05 PM


  • Bob Mahacek


This will later be shared via a link to the attendance records but, for now, here’s who attended this week:

Bond, Kim
Brandt, Howard
Bubash, James
Butler, Krista
Clark, Matt
Coupe, Donald
Denton, Kathyrn
Hunt, Patrick
Mattison, Victor
McConnell, Susan
Paul, Jerald
Perper, James
Puskarich, Richard
Roll, Sandy
Salih, James
Sheehan, Sean
Spurgeon, Jeannie
Van Winkle, Robert
Young, Debbie


Secretary’s Attendance Information:

General Attendance:

  • This week:
  • YTD average:
  • YTD highest weekly % 
64.1% January 8, 2020
  • YTD lowest weekly % 
48.7% January 15, 2020


 Members with more than 75% attendance:

Bond, Kim 100%
Brandt, Howard 100%
Bubash, James 100%
Butler, Krista 100%
Clark, Matt 100%
Coupe, Donald 100%
Denton, Kathyrn 100%
Hunt, Patrick 100%
Mattison, Victor 100%
McConnell, Susan 100%
Paul, Jerald 100%
Perper, James 100%
Salih, James 100%
Sheehan, Sean 100%
Spurgeon, Jeannie 100%
Van Winkle, Robert 100%
Young, Debbie 100%

As we get through the next few meetings you’ll see additional statistics such as:

  • Attendance Records from January 2020 – present by person
  • Longest Current Streaks per person
  • YTD Attendance ranked by attendance
  • Weekly Award Winners and Words of the Day


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