Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – January 8, 2020

Meeting Minutes, South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:January 8, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme:Regular Meeting – Theme:  Aspiration
Meeting Location:Metropolitan Life Building
Called to Order:7:00 PM
Presiding Officer: Victor Mattison, outgoing president & JD Perper, incoming president
Submitted By:Victor Mattison, Secretary

Officers’ Reports:       

President’s Report:

  • TLI leadership training event is being held January 11 at First Free Church, 1375 Carmen, Ballwin, MO – 9:30am – 2:30pm.  This is required for all incoming officers but is a great idea for any member who wants to further develop or brush up on leadership skills.  Everyone is encouraged to attend
  • The past 6-months have been very productive thanks to the contribution of many members.  The leadership team met in July and outlined our goals for the term. Here are a list of things that were accomplished:
    • Membership grew to 41 members
    • We reduced attrition 
    • 100% of all members are now on Pathways – this is a huge accomplishment
    • Recruited many newer members as first time officers
    • Most officers had an “assistant” in their role that helped fill in as needed and helped create a stronger bench of up-and-coming members
    • We instituted a new mentoring program which has been quite effective
    • A Club-Swap was done with the MAC Toastmasters, we visited their club in November and they came to ours in December
    • Successful open House
    • Completed a great Youth Leadership program graduating the largest number ever
    • SCTM has provided 4 Area Directors in past 2 years (King, Mattison, Paul and Bubash).  This is something we should continue.
    • We made a great early jump on the requirements for President’s Distinguished.  After January TLI we have only education goals to complete and have a good handle on how those will come together.
    • Created a new streamlined the new member packet replacing a costly and outdated binder with a 2-sided card/email that includes links to relevant resources.
    • Created a club calendar that shows annual activities and schedules (such as when elections are held, when nominating committees should be formed, when dues must be submitted, …
    • We found a new location.  After more than a decade at MetLife SCTM is moving to Sunset Hills Community Center starting on March 4.
  • The president passed out a trophy to each member as a demonstration that everyone can, indeed, be a winner.  What do you think about that, Steve Winheim and Sean Sheehan?

Committee Reports:

  • Kathy Denton presented a well deserved special award, the “Lifetime Achievement Award,  to our club’s founder, Howard Brandt who has been a part of Toastmasters for 56 years.

Unfinished Business:     

  • Minutes from last week’s meeting were reviewed and approved.

New Business:   

  • Officer installation – Phil Munro, Area 8 Director, was asked to conduct our new officer inductions.  He did a great job and was the first to welcome our new officers for the term of January 1 – June 30, 2020.  Those officers are:
    • President – JD Perper
    • Vice President, Education – Kathy Denton
    • Vice President, Membership – Matt Clark
    • Vice President, Public Relations – Susan McConnell
    • Treasurer – Patrick Hunt
    • Secretary – Victor Mattison
    • Sergeant at Arms – Debbie Young
    • Officer at Large – Jim Salih


  • JD Perper reminded everyone about the TLI on January 11.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:Donald Coupe
Table Topics:Jeannie Spurgeon
General Evaluator: Victor Mattison
Grammarian:Eli Hoxha
Time Keeper:Patrick Hunt
Camera Operator:  Michael McCarty
Invocator / CLE:Donna Jordan
Joke Master: Steve Winheim
Hot Seat:Kathy Denton
Greeter:Howard Brandt
Vote Counter:Susan McConnell
Ah Counter:  Kat Higashino

Speakers and Evaluators:

1Matt ClarkBill Collier
2Kim BondJerry Paul
3Jim BubashAbdul Aden
4Krista ButlerDebbie Young


Most Improved:Kim Bond
Best Table Topics:Rob Van Winkle
Best Evaluator:Bill Collier
Best SpeakerKrista Butler

Meeting Rating:                            9.7                                                                                            

Meeting Adjourned:                  9:00 PM


  • Mike, friend of Abdul’s
  • Millie, friend of Abdul’s
  • Elisha Simmons
  • Judy Perper, JD’s sister


This will later be shared via a link to the attendance records but, for now, here’s who attended this week:

Aden, Abdul
Bond, Kim
Brandt, Howard
Bubash, James
Butler, Krista
Clark, Matt
Collier, William
Coupe, Donald
Denton, Kathyrn
Higashino, Katsuko
Hoxha, Eli
Hunt, Patrick
Jordan, Donna
Mattison, Victor
McCarty, Michael
McConnell, Susan
Mujdzic, Samira
Paul, Jerald
Perper, James
Salih, James
Sheehan, Sean
Spurgeon, Jeannie
Star, Leah
Van Winkle, Robert
Winheim, Steven
Young, Debbie

Secretary’s Attendance Information:

General Attendance:

  • This week:
  • YTD average:
  • YTD highest weekly % (January 8, 2020)
  • YTD lowest weekly % 

As we get through the next few meetings you’ll see additional statistics such as:

  • Attendance Records from January 2020 – present by person
  • Longest Current Streaks per person
  • YTD Attendance ranked by attendance
  • 75% Attendance Records – recognizing those who make 75% of the meetings
  • Weekly Award Winners and Words of the Day

Below are the assignments February 12.  Since Feb 5 is our club contest, the Feb 5 schedule will be posted later when the roles are filled.
Note that I have left the 4th speaker slot open on the 12th and 19th for the winners of our club contest to practice their speeches prior to the area contest.

As a reminder, if you can not fill your role you will need to find a replacement and let the Toastmaster and GE know who that will be.
Thank you,

Meeting Date and Time : 12 February 2020, 7:00pm

Toastmaster : Kiser, George
Table Topics Master : Hoxha, Eli
General Evaluator : Mattison, Victor
Grammarian : Monteiro, Stanley
Timer : Roll, Sandy
Speaker 1 : Higashino, Katsuko
Speaker 2 : McConnell, Susan
Speaker 3 : Clark, Matt
Speaker 4 : Contest winner
Speaker 5 :
Evaluator 1 : Denton, Kathy
Evaluator 2 : Butler, Krista
Evaluator 3 : Perper, James D
Evaluator 4 : Salih, Jim
Evaluator 5 :
Camera Operator : Star, Leah
Invocator/CLE : Sheehan, Sean
Joke Master : Hunt, Patrick
Hot Seat : Paul, Jerry
Greeter : Jordan, Donna
Vote Counter : Spurgeon, Jeannie
Ah Counter : Smelcer, Zach


Meeting Date and Time : 19 February 2020, 7:00pm
Toastmaster : Butler, Krista
Table Topics Master : VanWinkle, Robert
General Evaluator : Young, Debbie
Grammarian : Bond, Kim
Timer : Bridwell, Beth
Speaker 1 : Spurgeon, Jeannie
Speaker 2 : Terrific, Tom
Speaker 3 : Winheim, Steve
Speaker 4 : Contest winner
Speaker 5 :
Evaluator 1 : Coupe, Donald
Evaluator 2 : Kirby, Alan
Evaluator 3 : Higashino, Katsuko
Evaluator 4 : Mattison, Victor
Evaluator 5 :
Camera Operator : Clark, Matt
Invocator/CLE : Brandt, Howard
Joke Master : Collier, Bill
Hot Seat : Salih, Jim
Greeter : Hoxha, Eli
Vote Counter : Hunt, Patrick
Ah Counter : McConnell, Susan

Meeting Date and Time : 26 February 2020, 7:00pm
Toastmaster : McConnell, Susan
Table Topics Master : Perper, James D
General Evaluator : Smelcer, Zach
Grammarian : Haar, Jacqueline
Timer : Winheim, Steve
Speaker 1 : Butler, Krista
Speaker 2 : Young, Debbie
Speaker 3 : Coupe, Donald
Speaker 4 : Bond, Kim
Speaker 5 :
Evaluator 1 : Paul, Jerry
Evaluator 2 : Roll, Sandy
Evaluator 3 : Terrific, Tom
Evaluator 4 : VanWinkle, Robert
Evaluator 5 :
Camera Operator : Collier, Bill
Invocator/CLE : Monteiro, Stanley
Joke Master : Clark, Matt
Hot Seat : Hunt, Patrick
Greeter : Brandt, Howard
Vote Counter : Hoxha, Eli
Ah Counter : Star, Leah

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