Meeting Minutes 6-19-19

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:                   6/19/2019

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:    All Things Blue (Way to Go STL Blues!)

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                                7:01 PM

Presiding Officer:             Debbie Young, President

Officer Reports:               

  • President –Debbie Young- No corrections to the meeting minutes from last week.  Approved as submitted.
  • VPE Elect – Rich Puskarich – Noted there are 5 weeks in July and next week is July 3rd with very few members slated to attend. Sandy Roll motioned we cancel the meeting on July 3rd and Bill Collier 2nded the motion.
  • President – Debbie Young – Summer Toastmasters Leader Institute is scheduled for June at 8:30 – 2:30pm. TLI will be held at Maritz North in Fenton. Incoming officers should attend, but

ALL members are encouraged to attend.

Committee Reports:

  • None

Unfinished Business:     

  • None

New Business:

  • The new member applications for Stanley Monteiro and Donald Coupe were received. Jim Salih motioned for the Club to accept them as new members. JD Perper 2nded the motion and the Club voted them in. Rich Puskarich is Stanley’s mentor and Susan McConnell is Donald’s.

Correspondence and Announcements:

  • Bill Collier announced a former member, Jim Ruzika has beat cancer, says “hello” to everyone and may attend a meeting as a guest very soon.
  • Susan McConnell ran into Tracy Cahill, another former member who sends her best wishes to the Club. Tracy may also attend an upcoming meeting as a guest.
  • George Kiser referenced an e-mail he sent earlier in the week. Elizabeth Brennan from REGIS as inquired whether a Club member would be willing to speak for an hour on July 17th or July 26th. The speech will be a tutorial on interpersonal, speaking and meeting skills. If anyone is interested please see George for details. (On June 20th, George sent an updated e-mail that Kathy Denton is willing to assist, but she’d be happy to share the speaker role with anyone who would like to do this with her).

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:  Rob Van Winkle
Greeter:  Mike McCarty
Invocator/CLE:  Susan McConnell
Grammarian:  Debbie Young – Word of the evening “Glory”
Time Keeper:  Bill Collier
Vote Counter: Jim Salih
Ah Counter:  George Kiser
Camera Operator:  Sean Sheehan
Table Topics: Sandy Roll
General Evaluator: Carl Hendrickson
Joke Master:  Steve Winheim

Speakers and Evaluators:

  Speakers Evaluators
1 JD Perper Samira Mujdzic
2 Rich Puskarich Jerry Paul
3 Mary K Spencer Susan McConnell
4 Sean Sheehan Sarah Xu


Most Improved: Samira Mujdzic
Best Table Topics: Carl Hendrickson
Best Evaluator:  Samira Mujdzic
Best Speaker: Sean Sheehan

Members Present:

Aden, Abdul  
Brandt, Howard  
Bubash, James  
Butler, Krista  
Collier, Bill  
Coupe, Donald  
Denton, Kathy  
Harr, Jackie  
Hartupee, Anne  
Hendrickson, Carl  
Hoffman, Casey  
Hoxha, Eli  
Jordan, Donna  
King, Geoff  
Kirby, Alan  
Kiser, George  
Mattison, Victor  
McCarty, Mike  
McConnell, Susan  
Mestdagh, Laurie  
Monteiro, Stanley  
Mudjzic, Samira  
Paul, Jerry  
Perper, JD  
Pitkin, Sarah  
Puskarich, Rich  
Roll, Sandy  
Salih, Jim  
Sheehan, Sean  
Shields, Dick  
Smelcer, Zach  
Spencer, Mary K  
Stewart, Brent  
Terrific, Tom  
VanWinkle, Robert  
Winheim, Steve  
Xu, Sarah  
Young, Debbie  

Meeting Rating:                8.25

Meeting Adjourned:      8:58 pm

Attendance:  19/ 38 members in attendance.  50% attendance  

Visitors:   Donald Coupe, Jeannie Spurgeon, Beth, Ethan Xu, Stanley Monteiro

Submitted by Sandy Roll, Secretary

One thought on “Meeting Minutes 6-19-19

  1. Edits – under President’s report there is no date for the TLI training. Under George Kiser’s report concerning the outside speaking role, REJIS is spelled with a J.  I know George has been putting a G in (I’ve made the same mistake in the past) but if you look at the email address of the requester, and the website, you can see it is spelled with a J. KD

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