3-27-19 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:                   3-27-19

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:    Favorite Childhood Toy

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                                7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:             Debbie Young, President

Officer Reports:               

  • President –Debbie Young- No corrections to the meeting minutes from last week.  Approved as submitted.
  • Treasurer – Tom Terrific – We currently have 35 members and we are down 2.

Committee Reports:

  • None

Unfinished Business:     

  • None

New Business:

  • Anne Hartupee noted the club needs brochures for new members and she would like to purchase 100.  She proposed we raise the limit for purchases that require a vote by the members from $25 to $50. After much discussion it was determined raising the purchase limit does not require an announcement to be made at 1 meeting and 2/3 approval by members present at the following meeting.  Anne proposed raising the purchase limit from $25 to $50, Adam Kutell seconded it and the motion passed.

******************Post Meeting Update******************************************

NOTE: After the meeting, Jim Salih read an amendment clause in the bylaws and sent is to Debbie for review.

The clause reads: These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of this club by a two-thirds vote of the members present.  Such amendment must be proposed in writing by an active member at the meeting immediately preceding that at which the amendment is to be voted on.  Upon its adoption, a copy of the amendment shall be mailed to the Executive Director of Toastmasters International for review and attachment to the copy of the Bylaws of this club filed at the world headquarters.

Debbie Young, President, has requested Anne Hartupee bring a written proposal to modify the purchase limit to next week’s meeting and action will be taken to amend the limit in accordance with the bylaws.

Correspondence and Announcements:

  • Bill Collier noted he met Jack Bettag for lunch recently. Jack is doing well and members are welcome to call or make arrangements to visit Jack.
  • Kathy Denton suggested the club start thinking about this year’s picnic. Last year got away from us and it was held in the fall – typically it’s held in June or July. Debbie Young asked if Kathy would like to be the head of the picnic committee and Kathy accepted.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Jim Salih
Greeter: Krista Butler
Invocator/CLE: Sarah Xu
Grammarian: Kathy Denton –  Word of the evening, “Congenial”, used 12 times.
Time Keeper: Debbie Young
Vote Counter: Samira Mujdzic
Ah Counter: Donna Jordan – 27 crutch words/phrases used
Camera Operator: Jerry Paul
Table Topics: Adam Kutell
General Evaluator: Bill Hurston
Joke Master: The role was vacant this evening, but Jim proposed a clever way to fill it. A “joke contest” was conducted. Members with a joke and
brave enough to tell it competed with each other. The winner of each
round was based on the audience applause.
Toastmaster: Jim Salih
Greeter: Krista Butler
Invocator/CLE: Sarah Xu

Speakers and Evaluators:

  Speakers Evaluators
1 Carl Hendrickson Susan McConnell
2 Steve Winheim J.D. Perper
3 Anne Hartupee Sandy Roll
4 George Kiser Bill Collier


Most Improved: Anne Hartupee
Best Table Topics: Casey Hoffman
Best Evaluator:  Bill Collier
Best Speaker: Carl Hendrickson

Meeting Rating:                9.5

Meeting Adjourned:   8:57 pm                  

Members Present:

Aden, Abdul  
Brandt, Howard  
Butler, Krista  
Collier, Bill  
Denton, Kathy  
Hartupee, Anne  
Hendrickson, Carl  
Hoffman, Casey  
Hurston, Bill  
Jordan, Donna  
Kiser, George  
Kutell, Adam  
McConnell, Susan  
Mudjzic, Samira  
Paul, Jerry  
Perper, JD  
Roll, Sandy  
Salih, Jim  
Terrific, Tom  
Winheim, Steve  
Xu, Sarah  
Young, Debbie  

Attendance:  22/35 members in attendance.  – 63% attendance

Visitors:   Eric

Submitted by Sandy Roll, Secretary

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