Meeting Minutes – November 29, 2017

Meeting Minutes
South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date: November 29, 2017

Meeting Type/Theme: Tall Tales Contest

Meeting Location: Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order: 7:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Kathy Denton, President

Officers’ Reports:

Kathy Denton reminded everyone that we have elections next week and she read the names of the slate of officers. The slate is uncontested except that we have two candidates for President, Rob Van Winkle and Victor Mattison. It’s important that we have strong attendance next week as we must have a quorum which is 50% of the members + 1.

Kathy Denton reminded everyone that the TLI/Officer’s Training session is this coming Saturday, December 2. All prospective officers and any other interested members are encouraged to attend. Victor Mattison suggested that it would be good for the club to have many members attend and attend sessions on membership as this is an area where our club has been struggling of late. The training session will be held at Wells Fargo Advisors, 2800 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63103.

Committee Reports:

Jim Bubash provided details about the club’s Christmas party which is being held on December 13 in lieu of the club’s regular meeting. Club members are responsible for their own drinks and alcoholic beverages. The party will be held at The Pavillion at Lemay, 305 Gregg Rd., Lemay Township, MO 63125.

Unfinished Business: Minutes from last week’s meeting were reviewed and approved.

New Business:

Adam Kutell moved that we have no meeting on December 27. The motion carried. It was separately clarified that we will have our regular club meeting on December 20.


Adam Kutell announced that he and Erin Gissel, who was in attendance, had become engaged last weekend! Congratulations Adam and Erin!!

Susan McConnell shared that her gospel choir group is performing this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. She has flyers for anyone who is interested.

Tall Tales Contestants (in order):

1. Victor Mattison

2. Carl Hendrikson

3. Kathy Denton

4. Adam Kutell

5. Jim Bubash

6. Jim Salih

Contest Roles:

Contest Chair: Sarah Pitkin

Chief Judge: Bill Collier

Voting Judges (5): All members present

Tie Breaking Judge: Selected by Chief Judge and kept secret

Counters (3): Debbie Young, Nancy Haparimwi, Phil Gawlak

Timers (2): Kate Schafroth, Susan McConnell

Contest Awards:

First Place:

Jim Bubash

Second Place:

Carl Hendrickson

Third Place:

Victor Mattison

Meeting Adjourned: 8:38 PM

Members Present:

Bettag, Jack

Brandt, Howard

Brown, Gary

Bubash, James

Carrillo, Susan

Collier, Bill

Denton, Kathy

Domian, Dave

Duncan, Stacy

Esswein, Mark

Gawlak, Phil

Graves, James

Haparimwi, Nancy

Hendrickson, Carl

Kaiser Jr, Max

King, Geoff

Kirby, Alan

Kiser, George

Kutell, Adam

Mattison, Victor

McConnell, Susan

Mestdagh, Laurie

Paul, Jerry

Pitkin, Sarah

Puskarich, Rich

Salih, Jim

Schafroth, Kate

Sheehan, Sean

Schaper, Jim

Shields, Dick

Sowers, Judy

Spencer, Mary K

Stewart, Brent

Sullivan, Tim

Terrific, Tom

VanWinkle, Robert

Winheim, Steve

Young, Debbie

Attendance: 19/38 – 50%

Visitors: Erin Gissel, guest of Adam Kutell

Submitted by Victor Mattison on behalf of Sarah Pitkin, Secretary

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