Meeting Minutes – August 30, 2017

Meeting Date: _August 30, 2017_______________
Called to order at: __7 pm__________ Location: _____Met Life Bldg.
Presiding Officer: _Kathy Denton_______________________
Invocator/CLE: __Rob VanWinkle_______
Officers’ Reports
Treasurer Rich Puskarich reminded people to start sending in their dues of $51.00 by September 24th.
Committee Reports – none

Unfinished Business – none

New Business – none

Correspondence & Announcements

Adam Kutell presented a letter and ribbon from Toastmasters International recognizing the club as achieving the Presidents Distinguished Club award.

Geoff King is looking for volunteers for the Area 4 Speech Contest on September 16th from 9 am to noon.

Victor Mattison is also looking for volunteers for a different Area contest on the same date.

Jim Salih reported that he is looking for more participants in the Youth Leadership program which starts on September 19th and only costs $10.00.

Thanks to Bill Collier for donating the trophies for tonights contest.

Humorous Speech and Tabletopics Contest.

Contestmaster: Tim Sullivan___________________

Speech Contestants

1. Mary K. Spencer
2. Adam Kutell
3. James Graves
4. Mark Esswein
5. Victor Mattison
6. George Kiser

Tabletopics Contestants

1. Sean Sheehan
2. Victor Mattison
3. Kathy Denton
4. Alan Kirby
5. Adam Kutell

Time Keeper_Kate Schafroth and Debbie Young

Chief Judge – Susan McConnell

Vote Counters – Rob VanWinkle & Carl Hendrickson

Sgt At Arms – Geoff King

Camera Operator – Phil Gawlak

Contest Assistant – Stacy Duncan


Humorous Speech Contest
1st – George Kiser
2nd – Mary K. Spencer
3rd – Mark Esswein

1st – Kathy Denton
2nd – Adam Kutell
3rd – Sean Sheehan

Meeting adjourned at____9 p.m.________
Minutes submitted by _Tom Terrific


Guests:_______Joe Spencer and George Kiser

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