Meeting Minutes – May 10, 2017

Meeting Date:                   May 10, 2017

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:  ”Mother’s Day”

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:             Adam Kutell, President


Officers’ Reports:            None


Committee Reports:       None


Unfinished Business:

  • Minutes from the last meeting, April 26, 2017, were reviewed and approved. There was no meeting last week due to inclement weather.


New Business:                  None



  • Adam Kutell said there is a need for District support for a Pathways Guide and a Director.  He is hopeful to have someone from our club step up.  Any interested parties should contact Adam for more information.
  • Dave Domian proposed that we form a committee to investigate options to reconfigure the room to make it better for our purposes.  It was noted that we would need to put the room back as it is now configured at the end of each meeting.   After a brief discussion and vote it was approved.  Please contact Dave if you would like to serve on the committee.
  • Susan McConnell reminded everyone that there will be a speech marathon on May 31, the last Wednesday of the month.   So far she has 7 speakers but needs help in other roles including (written) evaluators, timers, vote counters, …   Please contact Susan to volunteer.  If she does not get the requisite help she will assign roles.
  • Dave Domian invited everyone to a BBQ he and his company are hosting.   The event is Sunday, May 21 from 1PM – 7PM.  It will be held at Queeny Park’s Corporate Pavilion.  The address is 550 Weidman, St. Louis, MO  63131.  Queeny Park is about 3 miles west (and a little north) of I-270 and Manchester Road.  The BBQ is to benefit MS.
  • Adam Kutell shared that James Childress, the Division A Director, and also acting Area 4 Director, will be visiting our club on May 24.  He is coming to learn how we’re doing and to share any suggestions for how we might improve.   More information will be forthcoming between now and May 24.
  • Erin Gissel continues on to the next level of the International Speech and Evaluation contest May 19-20.  The event will start at 6PM Friday and will go all day on Saturday.   There’s a chance that Alan Kirby may be given a speaking slot as the contestant who took first place (surely by a narrow margin) may be unable to compete. Stay tuned for more details during the next week.


Meeting Roles:


Toastmaster: Gary Brown
Greeter: Jim Bubash
Invocator / CLE: Phil Gawlak
Grammarian: Jim Schaper “ succord“
Time Keeper: Debbie Young
Vote Counter: Dave Domian
Ah Counter: Grace Cripps
Camera Operator: Susan McConnell
Table Topics: Victor Mattison
General Evaluator: Tom Terrific
Joke Master: George Kiser

Speakers and Evaluators:


  Speakers Evaluators
1 James Graves Erin Gissel
2 Kate Schafroth Geoff King
3 Nancy Haparimwi Sarah Pitkin
4 Mary Kay Spencer Kathy Denton




Most Improved: James Graves
Best Table Topics: Jim Salih
Best Evaluator: Geoff King
Best Speaker: Nancy Haparimwi



Meeting Rating:                                                9.2 out of 10


Meeting Adjourned:                      8:54 PM


Members Present:



Bettag, Jack
Bone, Dean
Brandt, Howard
Brown, Gary
Bubash, James
Carrillo, Susan
Clark, Eric
Coco, Nicholas
Collier, Bill
Cripps, Grace
Denton, Kathy
Domian, Dave
Duncan, Stacy
Esswein, Mark
Foster, Ginny
Gawlak, Phil
Gissel, Erin C
Graves, James
Haparimwi, Nancy
Hendrickson, Carl
Jennings, Sera
Kaiser Jr, Max
King, Geoff
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Kutell, Adam
Mattison, Victor
McConnell, Susan
Mestdagh, Laurie
Palusci, Joumana
Paul, Jerry
Pitkin, Sarah
Puskarich, Rich
Salih, Jim
Schafroth, Kate
Schaper, Jim
Shields, Dick
Sowers, Judy
Spencer, Mary Kay
Stewart, Brent
Sullivan, Tim
Terrific, Tom
VanWinkle, Robert
Willard, Gina
Winheim, Steve
Young, Debbie



Attendance Figures:


This week: 55.6%
YTD average: 51.3%
YTD highest weekly % (January 25, 2017) 60.4%
YTD lowest weekly % (March 22, 2017) * 36.7%

* Excludes contest dates


Attendance Records for 2017:


Note, the spreadsheet (via link) below includes:

  • Attendance Records from January 2017 – Present by person
  • Longest Current Streaks per person
  • YTD Attendance ranked by attendance
  • 75% Attendance List (NEW)
  • Weekly Award Winners  (NEW)


Attendance Streaks for 2017 (top 5 streaks with 3 or more):


Current Streak Attendance:
19 Kutell, Adam
19 Mattison, Victor
19 McConnell, Susan
6 Gawlak, Phil
6 Brandt, Howard
6 Pitkin, Sarah
5 Young, Debbie
5 Eric Clark
4 Schafroth, Kate
4 King, Geoff
4 Haparimwi, Nancy
4 Sullivan, Tim
4 Esswein, Mark
3 Denton, Kathy
3 Graves, James
3 Bubash, James
3 Brown, Gary
3 Schaper, Jim
3 Spencer, Mary Kay


75% Attendance YTD:


Member Name Total YTD YTD Attendance %
Kutell, Adam 19 100.0%
Mattison, Victor 19 100.0%
McConnell, Susan 19 100.0%
Young, Debbie 18 94.7%
Terrific, Tom 17 89.5%
Denton, Kathy 17 89.5%
Brandt, Howard 17 89.5%
Schafroth, Kate 16 84.2%
Gawlak, Phil 16 84.2%




  • Matt Kiser, son of George Kiser
  • Sean Sheehan, guest of George Kiser, repeat visitor, attended the new member event night


Submitted by Victor Mattison, Secretary

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