Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2017

Meeting Type/Theme:  Regular Meeting – Theme:  ”Grilled Cheese Sandwiches”

Meeting Location:           Metropolitan Life Building

Called to Order:                7:00 PM

Presiding Officer:             Adam Kutell, President


Officers’ Reports:

  • Adam Kutell asked all members to do a better job reviewing the schedule and being responsible to either show up to fulfill assigned roles or find a replacement.   It is often a significant burden on those planning the meeting to have to scramble to fill holes, especially if the cancellation is at the last minute.   Please re-double your efforts to attend or to find a replacement.   A blast-based email is not usually adequate.  Please check Turbobase for names, emails and numbers and reach out to someone specifically.


Committee Reports:       None


Unfinished Business:

  • Minutes from last week’s meeting were reviewed and approved.
  • Sarah Pitkin reminded everyone that next week is the “Bring a Friend” event.  Remember to bring food that you’ve signed up for and bring a friend.   She has done



New Business:

  • Eric Clark has submitted an application for membership.  The application was accepted and his dues were paid.   Upon a motion which was seconded he was unanimously voted into SCTM.  Welcome, Eric.



  • May 18 there’s a Toastmaster’s event, the Alpha Toastmaster Award Ceremony and Banquet at the Jefferson City Maximum Security Prison.  The event starts at 6:00 pm.   Jim Bubash has more information but if you want to go you need to let them know by this Friday.   Please see Jim for more information.
  • Reminder – The Area 4 contest is April 22 in Ste. Genevieve.  Please let Tom know if you’ll be attending so he can get you onto the list which means you will not have to pay.  Remember, Alan Kirby and Erin Gissel, each a winner of the recent Area 4 contest will compete.
  • Humble request by your club secretary – as we are each working to improve our communication skills, please consider whether the entire club needs to receive the content of your reply email.  If so, great, use REPLY ALL.   If not, please do not use REPLY ALL.    We’re doing much better with this but we’ve not yet eradicated the overuse of this terrible communication faux pas.    Your secretary is blowing an air horn (not a gentle bell) in his office each time a club member fails to use ever-so-simple and elegant REPLY where appropriate.


Meeting Roles:


Toastmaster: Jim Salih
Greeter: Jack Bettag
Invocator / CLE: Jack Bettag
Grammarian: Victor Mattison    “Flaxen”
Time Keeper: Susan Carrillo
Vote Counter: James Graves
Ah Counter: Ginny Foster
Camera Operator: Jim Bubash
Table Topics: Sarah Pitkin
General Evaluator: Debbie Young
Joke Master: None

Speakers and Evaluators:


  Speakers Evaluators
1 Kathy Denton Phil Gawlak
2 Jim Schaper Erin Gissel
3 Gary Brown Susan McConnell
4 Tom Terrific Carl Hendrickson




Most Improved: Phil Gawlak
Best Table Topics: Victor Mattison
Best Evaluator: Carl Hendrickson
Best Speaker: Gary Brown



Meeting Rating:                                7.5 out of 10


Meeting Adjourned:                      9:05 PM

Members Present:



Bettag, Jack
Bettag, Steve
Bone, Dean
Brandt, Howard
Brown, Gary
Bubash, James
Budd, Tim
Carter, Jack
Carrillo, Susan
Church, Eric
Coco, Nicholas
Collier, Bill
Crips, Grace
Denton, Kathy
Domian, Dave
Duncan, Stacy
Ettling, Brian
Foster, Ginny
Gawlak, Phil
Gissel, Erin C
Graves, James
Haparimwi, Nancy
Hendrickson, Carl
Jennings, Sera
Kaiser Jr, Max
King, Geoff
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Kutell, Adam
Mattison, Victor
McConnell, Susan
Mestdagh, Laurie
Osborn II, Robert
Palusci, Joumana
Paul, Jerry
Pellerito, Pati
Pitkin, Sarah
Puskarich, Rich
Salih, Jim
Schafroth, Kate
Schaper, Jim
Shields, Dick
Sowers, Judy
Stewart, Brent
Sullivan, Tim
Terrific, Tom
VanWinkle, Robert
Willard, Gina
Winheim, Steve
Young, Debbie


Attendance Figures:


This week: 44.9%
YTD average: 48.3%
YTD highest weekly % (January 25, 2017) 60.4%
YTD lowest weekly % (March 22, 2017) * 36.7%

* Excludes contest dates

Attendance Records and weekly award winners (NEW) for 2017:      

Attendance Streaks for 2017 (top 5 streaks):


Current Streak Attendance:
15 Kutell, Adam
15 Mattison, Victor
15 McConnell, Susan
10 Denton, Kathy
4 Terrific, Tom
3 Salih, Jim
3 Graves, James
2 Gawlak, Phil
2 Foster, Ginny
2 Brandt, Howard
2 Pitkin, Sarah
2 Bettag, Jack
2 Cripps, Grace


75% Attendance YTD:


Member Name Total YTD YTD Attendance %
Kutell, Adam 15 100.0%
Mattison, Victor 15 100.0%
McConnell, Susan 15 100.0%
Young, Debbie 14 93.3%
Terrific, Tom 14 93.3%
Denton, Kathy 14 93.3%
Brandt, Howard 13 86.7%
Schafroth, Kate 12 80.0%
Foster, Ginny 12 80.0%
Gawlak, Phil 12 80.0%

Visitors:                None



Submitted by Victor Mattison, Secretary

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