Meeting Minutes – November 16, 2016

Meeting Date:   November 16, 2016
Called to order at:  7:00 PM    Location:  Metropolitan Life Building

Presiding Officer:   Dean Bone
Greeter: George Kiser
Invocator / CLE:  Jerry Paul

Officers’ Reports – None
Committee Reports – None

Unfinished Business –
Jim Bubash is collecting items for the prison TM scholarship fund.  This is the last day to make donations.

Jim Bubash mentioned the rules for election of officers.  SCTM is required to present a Slate of Officers to be voted in by the club members by December 7th.  We currently do not have a completed Slate.  Discussion on this will continue after the end of the meeting tonight.

New Business –
Jim Bubash has researched where to have the SCTM holiday party.  After some discussion, he made the following motion:

To have the SCTM holiday party at the Lemay Pavilion on December 14th.  The club will spend $200.00 for the party.  A box for donations from the SCTM members will be at the entrance of the Lemay Pavilion on the night of the party.  Suggested donation from each club member is $10.00.

The motion passed.

Announcements –
Adam Kutell recently saw Jack Carter.  Jack mentioned that his daughter, who was married last year, recently had a baby.  Jack practiced his “father of the bride” speech during one of the SCTM meetings last year.

Tim Sullivan reminded the SCTM members about the upcoming District  Speech Contest in Columbia, MO this weekend.  Tim reviewed the guidelines for attending the contest.

Unfinished Business – Continued from beginning of meeting
Discussion continued about the Slate of Officers.  Several members stepped forward to volunteer to serve as officers during the next term.  The final Slate of Officers will be voted on during the November 30, 2016meeting.

Officers for January – June, 2017
President – Adam Kutell
VP Education – Susan McConnell
VP Membership – Gary Brown
VP Public Relations – Sarah Pitkin
Treasurer – Tom Terrific
Secretary – Victor Mattison
Sergeant at Arms – Sera Jennings
Officer at Large – Stacy Duncan

Toastmaster:    Susan McConnell
Grammarian:     Gary Brown
Time Keepers:   Nancy Haparimwi
Vote Counter:   Joumana Palusci
Ah Counter:     Alan Kirby
Camera Op:      Jim Salih
Table Topics:   Debbie Young

Speakers and Evaluators
Spkr 1: Stacy Duncan     Evaluator 1:   Adam Kutell
Spkr 2: Nick Coco        Evaluator 2:  Kate Schafroth
Spkr 3:  Sarah Pitkin    Evaluator 3:  Sera Jennings
Spkr 4:  Rich Puskarich  Evaluator 4:  Dave Domian

Gen Evalutor:  Robb Osborn
Joke Master:  Tim Budd

Most Improved:          Stacy Duncan
Best Table Topics:      Carl Henrickson
Best Evaluator:         Sera Jennings
Best Speaker:           Rich Puskarich

Meeting Rating  9.0   Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM

Minutes submitted by Susan McConnell

Members present:
Dean Bone
Gary Brown
Jim Bubash
Tim Budd
Nick Coco
Dave Domian
Stacy Duncan
Sera Jennings
Nancy Haparimwi
George Kiser
Adam Kutell
Susan McConnell
Robb Osborn
Joumana Palusci
Jerry Paul
Sarah Pitkin
Rich Puskarich
Jim Salih
Kate Schafroth
Tim Sullivan
Brent Stewart
Steve Winheim
Debbie Young

Phil (last name??)

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