Meeting Minutes – August 10, 2016

Meeting Date: __August 10, 2016______________
Called to order at: ____7 pm________ Location: ______Met Life______
Presiding Officer: __Tim Sullivan___________
Greeter:__Ginny foster_______________________
Invocator/CLE: ___Jerry Paul____________________
Officers’ Reports – none
Committee Reports – none

Unfinished Business: – none

New Business – none

Correspondence & Announcements – none

Toastmaster: __Erin Gissel______ Theme _________
Grammarian: _Victor Mattison_________Word: __Hubris__
Time Keeper:_Kate _Schafroth______________
Vote Counter: __Gina Willard_______________
Ah Counter: __Nancy Haparimwi_____________
Camera Op: _Jim Salih_________________
Table Topics: __AR Al-Matiin __________
Speakers and Evaluators

Spkr 1:Tom Middleton______Evaluator 1:__Dave Domian_______________
Spkr 2:Kyle Hatten________Evaluator 2:_Sarah Pitkin_______________
Spkr 3:Judy Sowers________Evaluator 3:_Tom Terrific_______________
Spkr 4:Debbie Young_______Evaluator 4:_Brent Stewart______________

Gen Eval: _Adam Kutell_________

Joke Master: __Gary Brown___________

Most Improved: __Kyle Hatten___
Best Table Topics: _Jerry Paul_________
Best Evaluator: _Brent Stewart________
Best Speaker__Kyle Hatten___________
Meeting Rating __8___ Meeting adjourned at__9 p.m.____
Minutes submitted by ___Tom Terrific_________



Members Present

Al-Matiin, A.R.
Bettag, Jack
Brandt, Howard
Brown, Gary
Budd, Tim
Coco, Nicholas
Domian, Dave
Foster, Ginny
Gissel, Erin C.
Haparimwi, Nancy
Hatten, Kyle
Kutell, Adam
Mattison, Victor
Middleton, Tom
Money, Cathy
Paul, Jerry
Pitkin, Sarah
Puskarich, Rich
Salih, Jim
Schafroth, Kate
Sowers, Judy
Stewart, Brent
Sullivan, Tim
Terrific, Tom
Willard, Gina
Young, Debbie

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