Meeting Minutes – June 22, 2016

Dick Shields served as greeter.
John Thompson was our guest.

Steve Winheim called meeting to order at 7:00 pm
Brent Stewart  gave the invocation.
President Susan McConnell called for reports.

Previous minutes were accepted.

Kate Schafroth became a new member. Her mentor is Jim Bubash.

Dave Domian reminds everyone of the club BBQ on 6/26 and reminds new officers to attend TLI.
Dave also, shares that he has been elected to serve on the board of the Estate Planning Council of St Louis.

Steve Bettag read the list of new officers for the coming term.

Dean Bone – Pres
Tim Sullivan – VP of Ed
Tim Budd – VP of Mem
Dave Domian – VP of PR
Susan McConnell – Secretary
Rich Puskarich – Sgt at Arms
Tom Terrific – Treasurer
Jeff Jeffers – Officer at Large

Tom Terrific requests $46.98 for SD cards.  Approved.

Toastmaster             Ginny Foster
Vote Count              Bill Collier
Timer           Sarah Pitkin
Ah-count                Nick Coco
Grammarian              Stacy Duncan — obsequious
CLE             Brent Stewart
Camera          Jerry Paul
Table Topics Master             Tim Sullivan
General Evaluator               Jim Salih –9.9
Jokemaster              Kathy Denton


Gary Brown / Dave Domian
Tim Budd / Jim Bubash
Alan Kirby / Max Kaiser
Steve Winheim / Jouman Poulusci

Best table topics               Robb Osborn
Best Speaker            Steve Winheim
Best Evaluator          Jim Bubash
Most Improved           Gary Brown

Also in attendance:  Misti Duffy,  Howard Brandt, Carl Hendrickson, Rich Puskarich, Tom Middleton, Kathy Money.

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 pm

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