Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2016

Carl Hendrickson served as greeter.

Jim Salih called meeting to order at 7:02

Carol Lindwedell gave the invocation.

President, Susan McConnell called for business reports.
Previous minutes were accepted
Stacey Duncan became a full member and Susan McConnell will mentor.

Jake Broner was a guest that evening.

Toastmaster                             Jack Bettag–  Theme:  Opening Day
Grammarian/ Ah-Count         Bobbie Hudson — Word:  Ticket
Timer                                         Jerry Paul
Vote Count                               Rich Puskarich
Camera                                      Judy Sowers
Table Topics master                Jim Salih
General Evaluator                    Carl Hendrickson — 8.0

Speaker / Evaluator

Kathy Denton      /   Susan McConnell
Adam Kutell        /    Erin Gissell
Steve Bettag      /     AR Al-Matiin
Tim Budd           /      Jim Salih

Best Table Topics     Bobbie Hudson
Best Speaker             Steve Bettag
Best Evaluator          AR Al-matiin
Most Improved         Tim Budd

Also Present:  Sarah Pitkin, Robb Osborn, Jack Carter, Steve Winheim, Dean Bone

Meeting adjourned 9:05

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