Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2014

Everyone was greeted by Cathy Money.
Tom Krauska gave the invocation.
President, Steve Winheim, introduced our guest Katherine Sandstone.
Previous minutes were accepted.

Carl Hendrickson moved to remove his previous motion in regard to amending the Bylaws- the motion was passed.

Carl then made a new motion to amend the Bylaws Section 3 with this language, ”  Sec. 3  All active members OF THE CLUB shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the club, and all members  shall share in its responsibilities.  THESE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES SHALL INCLUDE, BUT NOT BE LIMITED TO,  VOTING, WHETHER IN A CLUB BUSINESS MEETING OR IN A CLUB CONTEST.  These responsibilities shall include support of its purposes and constructive contribution to its programs and activities.  Any conduct not consistent with these standards may be reason for non-renewal of membership.” The motion was passed.

New Officers were elected.

  • Dave Domian – Officer at Large
  • Tim Budd – Sgt at Arms
  • Dick Shields – Treasurer
  • Lauren Ritter – Secretary
  • Vamsi Jamalamdaka – VP – Pub. Relations
  • Susan McConnell – VP Membership
  • Dean Bone – VP Education
  • Jim Bubash – President.

Toastmaster                  Alan Kirby
Grammarian                   James Bubash (Joyous)
Timer                        Jack Bettag
Vote Counter                 George Kaiser
Ah-Counter                   Adam Kutell
Table Topics Master          Erin Gissell
General Evaluator            Susan McConnell

Tim Budd       /Carl Hendrickson
Lauren Ritter / Brent Stewart
Dean Bone    / Carol Lindwedell
Robb Osborn / Brian Ettling

Best Table Topics   Adam Kutell
Most improved       Tim Budd
Best Speaker        Robb Osborn
Best Evaluator      Brian Ettling

Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm

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