Graphic Sizes in Power Point

Here are a few tips on re-sizing graphics for Power Point.

Many new cameras can take pictures that are 8 mb or more. That’s equal to 8192 kb. It’s not a good idea to directly import those gigantic files into Power Point. If you do the math, a 100 slides with those large files quickly grows to 800 mb and your computer/laptop, may bog down and have delays in displaying the screen.

Our club projector has a native resolution of 1024 x 768, so that is the size I try to make so that I can fill the entire screen. The basic rule is that you want your pictures to match the size that your projector will display. DPI, dots per inch, doesn’t matter when displaying pictures.

My Original Picture = 8704 kb
Resized to 1024 pixels wide = 450 kb
That’s about a 95% reduction in size which will keep your program to a manageable size.

Another reason to keep the PPT program smaller is that it’s always a good idea to have a couple backups of the program. I usually have a copy that I email to myself and a copy that I might put on my Google Drive so that I can access it from any connected computer.

Will a larger file project a higher resolution on the screen?
No – our projector has a maximum resolution and a higher resolution graphic will not have any effect on what you see on the screen after you reach the maximum 1024 x 768 size.

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