Find a Friendly Face in the Crowd

smiling-faceI was reminded of a presentation tip by Jim last night at our TM meeting. He came up to me after the meeting and said that he was disappointed that I wasn’t sitting out in the audience. I was the Toastmaster and was sitting in the back – off to the side. He said that he liked to look at my smiling face during the meeting. He said he could always count on me having a smiling expression to give him a positive feeling.

That’s actually a tip I suggest in my book. Find at least one friendly, happy, smiling face and use them as a base you can always look at and get positive feedback from.

For new audiences I have a standard opening that I use and I’m always looking for that one smiling face that I can count on to interact with.

It’s a small tip, but might help you to relax and give the speech that you hoped you’d give.

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