Meeting Minutes – April 30, 2014

Meeting Date: April 30 2014
Called to order at: 7:04 p.m. Location: MetLife
Presiding officer: Matt Ramshaw
Greeter: Kelly Brunie Invocator: Carol Lindwedel

Officers’ Reports: None

Committee Reports: None

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: None

Correspondence & Announcements: Rob Van Winkle, Area 4 Governor, announced that there are volunteer district leadership roles available. If you are interested, please speak with Rob VanWinkle.
Rob also confirmed that we have earned President’s Distinguished status once again!

Toastmaster: Jeffrey Hall Theme: Speech Marathon
Grammarian: Seth Lindsey
Time Keeper: Robb Osborn
Vote Counter: Vamsi Jammalamadaka
Camera Operator: Susan McConnell

Speakers and Evaluators

Speaker 1: Jack Carter Evaluator 1: Matt Ramshaw
Speaker 2: Seth Lindsey Evaluator 2: Carol Lindwedel
Speaker 3: Shreya Gopal Evaluator 3: Max Kaiser
Speaker 4: Ginny Foster Evaluator 4: Alan Kirby
Speaker 5: Sudi Gopinath Evaluator 5: Carl Hendrickson
Speaker 6: Dean Bone Evaluator 6: George Kiser

General Evaluator: Jerry Paul
Joke Master: Kelly Bottini

Most Improved: Dean Bone
Best Evaluator: Max Kaiser
Best Speaker: Ginny Foster
Meeting Rating 8.5 Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Kelly Bottini
Guests: Lauren Ritter; Roger Black Jr.; Cathy Money

Bone, Dean
Bottini, Kelly
Brandt, Howard
Brunie, Kelly
Carter, Jack
Foster, Ginny
Gopal, Shreya
Gopinath, Sudi
Hall, Jeffrey
Hendrickson, Carl
Jammalamadaka, Vamsi
Kaiser Jr, Max
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Lindsey, Seth
Lindwedel, Carol A.
McConnell, Susan
Mestdagh, Laurie
Osborn II, Robert L.W.
Paul, Jerry
Ramshaw, Matt
VanWinkle, Robert

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