Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2014

Meeting Date: 1/15/2014
Called to order at 7 pm in the MetLife Building
Presiding officer: Gina Willard and Matt Ramshaw

New Business – Lora Mather inducted the new officers for the upcoming term.

Here is the list of new officers:

  • President – Matt Ramshaw
  • VP Education – Jerry Paul
  • VP Membership – Carol Lindwedel
  • VP Public Relations – Jeff Hall
  • Secretary – Steve Bettag
  • Sgt. at Arms – Robert Osborn
  • Officer at Large – Mark Hayden

Jerry Paul would like to receive your Toastmasters goals. Please email those to him.
February 26th will be the International Speech contest. We need volunteers.

Old Business

Correspondence & Announcements
Via Max Kaiser – Charles Simmons has been moved to a nursing home.
Via Max Kaiser – the Webster Speech contest is January 24th – 26th. They currently need 4 more volunteer judges. Please see Max if you are interested.

Committee Report
Lora Mather is currently looking for a stand-in volunteer for the Area Gov position. It is not guaranteed that you will receive credit for this but it is a good learning experience. Please let her know if you are interested or see Adam Kutell if you have any questions.

Officers Report
NoneMeeting Date and Time 15 January 2014, 7:00pm

CLE Rob Van Winkle
Toastmaster Mestdagh, Laurie
Table Topics Master Hayden, Mark
General Evaluator Willard, Gina
Grammarian McConnell, Susan
Timer Osborn II, Robert L.W.
Speaker 1 Kutell, Adam
Speaker 2 Foster, Ginny
Speaker 3 Gissel, Erin C.
Speaker 4 Hall, Jeffrey
Evaluator 1 Kaiser Jr, Max
Evaluator 2 Paul, Jerry
Evaluator 3 Ramshaw, Matt
Evaluator 4 Sowers, Judy
Camera Operator Ostler, Vanessa M
Invocator Hendrickson, Carl
Vote Counter Kirby, Alan
“Ah” Counter Clair, Donald
Joke Master Winheim, Steve
Hot Seat Bettag, Steve
Greeter Bettag, Jack

Mestdagh, Willard, Ramshaw, Kaiser, JR., Bottini, Brunie, Hendrickson, Gopal, Bettag, Bettag, Kutell, Van Winkle, Osborn II, Ettling, Clair, Terrific, Winheim, Lindwedel, McConnell, Sowers, Foster, Kirby, Paul, Hall, Bubash, Hayden, De Camp
Guests: Lora Mather, David Kincaid, Joann Korba

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