Meeting Minutes – May 22, 2013

Meeting Date and Time 22 May 2013, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme:  Memorial Day

Meeting Called to Order:  PM
Word of the Evening:  Lodge (n) and (v)
Guests:   Nick Ostelecki, Jintana (?Winheim?), Robert Osborne, Charles (didn’t get last name)

Start of Business Meeting: 705PM
Minutes of the last meeting:  Approved, no corrections
Officer Reports: None
Committee Reports: Steve Bettag, Nominations – Secretary, Sgt. At Arms, and Officer at Large are open
Old Business: New SD Cards are available for purchase ($7 or $8)
New Business: None

Correspondence and Announcements:
Item 1:  Father’s Day BBQ Invite
•       Members have been invited to a BBQ on June 15th at Fenton Park by Dave Domian.  A pig will be roasted and live music played.  Sounds like a GREAT time will be had!!
Item 2:  Met former club member
•       Howard Brandt mentioned that he ran into a former Ray Puckett at lunch earlier this week.
Item 3:  Early-Bird TLI Being Held
•       For those in the STL area, TLI training will be given for those officers beginning in July, on June 2nd somewhere in Chesterfield.  Steve Bettag will communicate with those incoming officers about the time and specific location.
Business Meeting End: 716PM

Roles of the Evening:
Toastmaster: Matt Ramshaw
Table Topics Master: Traci Cahill
General Evaluator: Alita Quires
Grammarian: Steve Flick         Report:  1 uses of word
Timer:  Vamsi J.
Camera:   Carmen Wilkerson
Invocator/Pledge of Allegiance:
Vote Counter: Jim Ruzicka
“AH” Counter:   Patrick Hunter  Report: TT: 4; Speeches: 2; Evaluations: 6
Joke Master: Jack Bettag
Hot Seat:

Table Topics Start: 722PM
Contestants: Jack Bettag, Dave Domian, Alan Kirby, Carol Lindwedel, Rob Van Winkle, Shreya Gopal, Jim Ruzicka, Kelly Bottini, and Petrina Monti
Table Topics End: 745PM

Speaking/Evaluation Portion Start: 755PM
Speaker 1:  Jim Bubash (10’)            Evaluator 1: Steve Bettag
Speaker 2:  Steve Winheim (6’ 30”)      Evaluator 2: Sean Page
Speaker 3:  Erin Gissel (11’)           Evaluator 3: Carrie Driscoll
Speaker 4:  George Kiser (15‘)          Evaluator 4: David Wilkins
Speaking/Evaluation Portion End: 858PM

Best Speaker: George Kiser
Best Evaluator: David Wilkins
Best Table Topic Speaker: Dave Domian
Most Improved: Sean Page
Meeting Rating:   9.8 out of 10

Meeting Concluded: 911PM

Bettag, Jack
Bettag, Steve
Bottini, Kelly
Brandt, Howard
Bubash, James
Cahill, Traci
Domian, Dave
Driscoll, Carrie
Flick, Steve
Gissel, Erin
Gopal, Shreya
Hunter, Patrick
J., Vamsi
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Kutell, Adam
Lindwedel, Carol
Monti, Petrina
Ostler, Vanessa
Page, Sean
Quires, Alita
Ramshaw, Matt
Ruzicka, Jim
Stewart, Brent
Van Winkle, Robert
Wilkerson, Carmen
Wilkins, David M
Winheim, Steve

In attendance: 28 members (inducted tonight), 4 guests

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