Meeting Minutes September 7, 2011

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957 Meeting
Date:    09/07/2011  Called to order at:  7:00 pm Location: Met Life Building
Presiding officer: Kathy Denton
Greeter: Mike Beckman
Invocator: Steve Winheim
Officers’ Reports:
Dues are due – please submit payment in the amount of $42 to Brent Stewart.
Committee Reports:
Carl Hendrickson reported that he is chairing the committee to update the club’s speakers bureau.  Assisting him are Barb Sapienza, who prepared the current booklet of available presentations, Diane Fawcett, who will update this booklet and Bill McNabb, who has agreed to chair the speakers bureau.  Available presentations are on the club’s website.  If you are a member of the speakers bureau and would like to add, change or delete a presentation or if you are a newer member who wants to be a member of the speakers bureau, the deadline for providing the necessary information to Diane is Wednesday, October 5th.

Carl also reported that Jack Bettag will be addressing the South County Chamber of Commerce on September 15th on the “Fear of Public Speaking”.  Steve Flick will do his “Fact or Fiction” presentation for a group of adults at the Tesson Ferry Branch Library on November 16th.
Old Business:
New Business:
Correspondence & Announcements:
President Kathy Denton will be giving a presentation at the Alton Museum of Art and History next Wednesday.
Toastmaster:  Joanne Korba          Theme: Friends
Grammarian:  Andrew Waithaka    Word:  Lucid
Time Keeper:  Violet Tatum
Vote Counter: Howard Brandt
Ah Counter:  Jerry Paul
Camera Op:  N/A
Table Topics: Kevin Reichardt
Speakers and Evaluators
Speaker 1: Stephanie Payne      Evaluator 1: Barb Sapienza
Speaker 2: Bill McNabb          Evaluator 2: Bill Collier
Speaker 3: Alita Quires          Evaluator 3: Laurie Mestdagh
Speaker 4: Steve Bettag              Evaluator 4: Judy Sowers
General Evaluator:  Rob Van Winkle
Joke Master: Tom Terrific
Most Improved: Alita Quires
Best Table Topics: Carl Hendrickson
Best Evaluator: Bill Collier
Best Speaker:  Bill McNabb
Meeting Rating:      8.0      Meeting adjourned at:  8:58 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Steve Bettag
Guests: Melissa Korba
Attendance: 28 members
Beckman, Mike
Bettag, Steve
Brandt, Howard
Collier, Bill
Denton, Kathy
Fawcett, Diane
Hendrickson, Carl
Korba, Joanne
McNabb, Bill
Marian, Michael
McNaughton, Brenda
Mestdagh, Laurie
Monti, Petrina
Paul, Jerry
Payne, Stephanie
Quires, Alita
Reichardt, Kevin
Sapienza, Barb
Scott, Nilsa
Sowers, Judy
Stewart, Brent
Tatum, Violet
Terrific, Tom
Van Winkle, Rob
Waithaka, Andrew
Willard, Gina
Wilson, Kevin
Winheim, Steve

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