A Family Affair: A Father and Son Duo

Pictured from left is Steve Bettag and Dad, Jack Bettag

There is a certain feeling of energy when one attends a South County Toastmasters
(SCTM) meeting.  Everyone plays a role in organizing the meeting and is busy accomplishing them.  As a new member, this interaction is what I noticed.  I was most  intrigued by Jack Bettag and his son, Steve.  I asked a series of questions and what follows best describes this father and son duo.

When did you join SCTM and why?  Jack joined in April of 1983 and Steve joined
in January of 2011.  Both father and son joined to be effective speakers.  Steve stated,
“to further my career, I needed to have more confidence in my speaking skills
and in myself.”

Who introduced you to Toastmasters?  Because of his profession, Jack
was recommended to Toastmasters by his boss.  On the other hand, Steve would always ask Dad about Toastmasters.  Steve was advised to attend a meeting and decide if it was suitable for what he wanted to accomplish by joining Toastmasters.

What level have you achieved?  Jack obtained the level of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).  Steve has finished Project Five of the ten part Competent Communicator Manual.

What were your expectations and were they met?  While both gentlemen joined to be effective speakers, Jack overcame his fear of public speaking by participating in a
program called a SpeechCraft class.  This was an eight week program in which the participant gave a speech a week.  Jack stated, “I overcame the fear (of public speaking) and am now at the level of Distinguished Toastmaster.  I’m living proof that the program

Is there a father and son rivalry?  There is not any competition.  Steve stated, “Dad has been very supportive throughout my short time here (at SCTM) and it has been a great experience being able to attend the meetings with him.”

Any fond memories of being a Toastmaster member?  Jack’s fondest memory was attaining the DTM which was a difficult level to achieve back in 1996.  Steve has indicated that, “I like being able to spend time with my Dad.  He has always given me great advice throughout my life even though sometimes I tried to do it differently and may have not listened.  Most times I always reflect back and think, ‘I probably should have listened to Dad.’’’

This article is the first of the Member’s Corner Series.  It will feature a member of South County Toastmasters.  For additional information, visit www.southcountytoastmasters.org.

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