Screen Resolution with a Projector

I was practicing a speech and noticed that the projector screen picture looked fuzzy and I couldn’t get a clear picture. What I discovered was that I needed to set the laptop resolution to the resolution of the projector. The resolution of my laptop is 1200×800 while the resolution of the projector is 1024×768. When I changed the resolution on the laptop to 1024×768, the screen instantly came in focus.

To change screen resolution, right click on an empty part of your desktop and choose Screen Resolution and choose the appropriate settings.

Here’s a question I received about the topic:

“Good tip about the projector settings syncing with the computer.
I know how to change it on my computer, but how do I determine what the
projector setting is?  Does it show up when I hit the menu button on the

My Answer:

If it’s your computer, just get out the manual and see what it tells you is the
native resolution.
If you don’t have a manual, I’d look for the model number on the projector and
look it up on the internet.

If you’re using someone else’s projector, you can either try to find out ahead
of time what it is and do your research or as a LAST RESORT –

Arrive early and do a bit of experimentation with your laptop attached to the
If it’s an older projector, the resolution is  probably either 800 x 600 or 1024
x 768.

The newer projectors have quite a few different resolutions.

Experiment and see which  resolution looks best on the screen.

I don’t know of any magic button which you can press on every projector which
shows you the native resolution.

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