Meeting Minutes – December 1, 2010

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957

Meeting Date: Dec 1, 2010__________ Called to order at: 7:00_____ Location: Met Life Bldg, 107-c
Presiding officer: Kevin Reichardt ________
Toastmaster: Steve Winheim____
Time Keeper: Steve Flick _________
Camera Op: Adam Kutell_______
Ah Counter: Erin Gissel _________ Table Topics: Alan Kirby_______
Vote Counter: Joe Archambault _________
Guest Speaker: Keith Woodman__
Grammarian: Kevin Reichardt _________ General Eval: Howard Brandt___
Invocator: Dan Reuter _________ Greeter: Don Clair
Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)
VPPR, Laura Zemann passed around the tally sheet for the Toastmaster of The Year award.
VP Education, Barb Sapienza presented Gina Willard with the Full
Circle Award. The Full Circle award is presented to members who have
fulfilled all of the different meeting roles. Congratulations Gina.
Barb Sapienza, also chair of the Speakers Bureau, says our members are so
popular that several of them have bookings for 2011 already. Carl
Hendrickson is scheduled to give his speech about St. Patrick in March,
Don Clair is speaking about Conscience and Politics in November and
Steve Flick is speaking about Growing Up In The 60’s, in November. Barb encourages others to become part of the Speakers Bureau. If any members are interested in giving speeches to the community please let her know.
Max Kaiser Jr reminded us that the Webster University speech and debate contest is this Saturday, from 8am-6pm. You don’t have to stay all day. Lunch will be included. Judges are needed.
Committee Reports:
Dick Shields passed around the sign up sheet for the Christmas party. There are 60 people so far and he says he can squeeze in more. Please sign up this week so he can go shopping.
Old Business:
Joe Archambault has DVD’s available for sale to tape your speech.
Adam Kutell will not have time to look for an alternative location for our meetings until after the first of the year, if anyone would like to work towards that in the meantime.

New Business:
Correspondence & Announcements:
The evening’s word was “Profound”________________________________________________

Guests: Dave Gissel, Keith Woodman, Donnie Weiland


Joe Archambault
Benn, Charles
Bettag, Jack
Brandt, Howard
Clair, Donald

Denton, Kathy
Flick, Steve
Gissel, Erin C.
Hendrickson, Carl
Kaiser Jr, Max
Kirby, Alan
Kutell, Adam
Marian, Michael
Mestdagh, Laurie
Monti, Petrina
Panackal Padathu, Ajay
Rechtin, Eric
Reichardt, Kevin
Reuter, Daniel
Rickert, Gary
Sapienza, Barb

Shields, Dick
Sowers, Judy
Stewart, Brent
Swift, Rory

Ullrich, Rich
Vance, Mark
VanWinkle, Robert
Willard, Gina
Wilson, Kevin
Winheim, Steve
Zemann, Laura

Speakers and Evaluators

Speaker 1:Don Clair___ Evaluator 1: Max Kaiser Jr_
Speaker 2:Rory Swift___ Evaluator 2: Dick Sheilds_
Speaker 3:Gary Rickert_ Evaluator 3: Judy Sowers__
Speaker 4:Adam Kutell___ Evaluator 4: Kathy Denton_
Speaker 5: _______ Evaluator 5: ____________
Most Improved: Rory Swift Best Table Topics: BrendtStewart
Best Evaluator: Kathy Denton Best Speaker: Don Clair___
The General Evaluator rated the meeting a 6.0
Meeting adjourned at 9:00

Minutes submitted by Petrina Monti, Secretary and club members.

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